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The Liones Castle and its Kingdom represents a large and powerful country that is protected by its knights and its order of Holy Knights. It was built over the vestiges of the Fairy King's Forest from Ancient Britannia.

Liones Castle was formerly ruled by the family of Liones before a coup d'etat at the hands of the Holy Knights, which made it a puppet state. After the defeat of Great Holy Knight Hendrickson, the royal family was reinstated.

Episodes 48-110

[Episode 48] Diane’s Whereabouts

After Meliodas left, King and Diane headed to the capital. King comes up with a way to reach the capital faster.

[Episode 49] Diane in Danger

Diane reaches the capital of Liones using Oslo, but Dreyfus and the Holy Knights already stand in her path.

[Episode 50] Diane’s Sacrifice

Diane sustained severe damage from her fight against Dreyfus. Helbram’s additional attacks plunge her deeper into crisis.

[Episode 51] A New Structure

Just when things look hopeless, Guila and Howzer stand against Dreyfus and Helbram. Will they be able to defend Diane?

[Episode 52] Gowther Joins the Fray

Gowther suddenly appears and calmly launches himself at Dreyfus.

[Episode 53] In Order to Protect

King stands against Helbram to prevent him from killing Diane. King is especially upset by Helbram’s actions, as they’d been good friends in the past.

[Episode 54] With My Life

Helbram speaks up about how he feels betrayed by King and vows to show him how it feels to lose someone he holds dear.

[Episode 55] 700-Year-Old Promise

700 years ago, when King was known as Herlequin, Helbram was a Fairy who trusted and befriended Humans. But no longer...

[Episode 56] A Sin’s Purpose

Now that the dust has settled, Diane and King begin to worry about Meliodas, who is on a mission to rescue Elizabeth.

[Episode 57] King of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon

Meliodas and Hendrickson finally meet again after 10 years. The man brandishing his sword at Hendrickson introduces himself as Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot.

[Episode 58] The Way of the Knight

Gilthunder joins the battle between Meliodas and Hendrickson. Gilthunder levels his sword at Meliodas and tells him that he hasn’t forgotten the Knight’s Code he heard on “that day”.

[Episode 59] Diabolical Pincer Attack

Meliodas is backed into a corner, facing against Hendrickson, Gilthunder, and Vivian’s cooperative attacks. Will he be able to defeat them?

[Episode 60] Margaret’s Choice

A woman watches the fight unfold between Gilthunder and Meliodas. She is Margaret, the first princess of Liones.

[Episode 61] Gilthunder’s Revenge

Gilthunder has finally broken free of the curse! Gilthunder imbues his attacks against Hendrickson with his pent-up rage.

[Episode 62] The Crimson Boar Appears

Unable to accept Gilthunder’s betrayal, Vivian becomes enraged. Who will be able to stop her frenzy?

[Episode 63] Reunited at Last

Vivian reveals Elizabeth’s whereabouts to Meliodas and crew. Will they be able to rescue her?

[Episode 64] A Decade-Long Reveal

Dreyfus appears in the king’s chambers. He weeps, confessing to the crime he committed 10 years ago.

[Episode 65] On the Verge of Collapse

King attends to Diane after dealing with the situation at hand. Suddenly, the city is shaken by tremors and an intense roar.

[Episode 66] Of Ill Portent

Jericho, who’d been writhing in pain, suddenly turns into a grotesque monster. What in the world is going on?

[Episode 67] Jericho’s Frenzy

Jericho and Guila writhe on the ground, seemingly in pain. What is happening to them?

[Episode 68] Rampaging Demon’s Blood

The New Generation Knights have turned into Mutants and gone berserk, wreaking havoc in the capital of Liones. Will Meliodas and crew be able to contain the chaos?

[Episode 69] Hendrickson’s Resurrection

Everyone believed Hendrickson to be dead, but he has somehow revived! And he somehow seems different from before...

[Episode 70] A Goddess’s Proposal

Ban appears before a thoroughly wounded Meliodas. Meliodas asks him for his help in rescuing Elizabeth, but Ban’s response is lukewarm.

[Episode 71] The Meaning of Friendship

Seeing the pain on Ban’s face, Meliodas tells Ban to kill him. Will Ban really be able to kill Meliodas?

[Episode 72] Saving Elizabeth

Meliodas asks Hawk to take him to where Elizabeth is. Will Meliodas be able to rescue Elizabeth?

[Episode 73] The Vanished Coffin of Eternal Darkness

There’s no trace of Hendrickson anywhere in the kingdom. Where in the world is he?

[Episode 74] A Return to Normalcy

Life returns to normal after Hendrickson’s defeat. Peace at last.

[Episode 75] The Master’s New Menu!

There’s a meat pie in the shape of a pig. It looks just like Hawk, but what does it taste like?

[Episode 76] Operation Capture Hawk

Elizabeth is worried about Hawk, who has run off in his tiny form. Meliodas finally gathers everyone and comes up with a plan to capture Hawk.

[Episode 77] The Operation Continues

Everyone’s working together to capture Hawk, but it’s proving to be difficult.

[Episode 78] End of the Operation

An entire day has passed, but Hawk still hasn’t been caught. Where could he be?

[Episode 79] Promises Must Be Kept

Meliodas tells Ban that he’ll keep the promise he made when they were fighting Hendrickson.

[Episode 80] A 3000-Year Reunion

Meliodas goes to see The Trumpet of the Goddess. It appears the Goddess dwelling in the horn knows who Meliodas is.

[Episode 81] To Keep a Promise

Ban heads to the Mountain Peak to fulfill his promise. What awaits him there?

[Episode 82] A Game for Two

The battle between Ban and Meliodas begins at last. Who will emerge victorious? Numerous spectators watch on as this epic fight commences!

[Episode 83] Diane’s Thoughts

Diane leaves the tavern early in the morning. Where is she going?

[Episode 84] Every Bit Counts

Diane says she wants to help the people in the capital however she can. She’s willing to do anything in her power to help.

[Episode 85] Playing Tag

Diane challenges King to a game of tag. Who will win?

[Episode 86] The Two of Us

A New Generation Mutant suddenly appears! King and Diane decide to work together to defeat the creature.

[Episode 87] At Day’s End

Elizabeth comes to the tavern, saying she has good news. What could it be?

[Episode 88] Secret Pursuits

Merlin asks Meliodas to shadow Gilthunder in order to catch a mysterious individual who’s following him.

[Episode 89] Mysterious Stalker

Little accidents keep happening to the two of the Trio of Troublemakers. Only Gilthunder escapes unscathed. There’s something strange going on here...

[Episode 90] Pelio and Gowther

A little boy named Pelio asks Gowther to play with him, but only if he’s not a bad guy. What kind of game does Pelio want to play with Gowther?

[Episode 91] Time for an Intervention

A mysterious figure pursues Gilthunder, and Meliodas finally decides to intervene.

[Episode 92] The Stalker’s Identity

Gilthunder’s stalker turned out to be Vivian. What was she trying to do to him?

[Episode 93] Cursed Engagement Ring

Merlin successfully captures her apprentice, Vivian. How will Merlin punish her for her deeds?

[Episode 94] A New Mascot

Merlin decides to keep the promise she made to Meliodas. Will she be able to successfully pull off being the Boar Hat’s mascot?

[Episode 95] Good News

Elizabeth runs to the tavern early in the morning, excitedly announcing that she has some good news.

[Episode 96] Should I Stay or Should I Go

One rowdy evening when everyone was enjoying their meals, Ban asks Meliodas if he can have a word with him.

[Episode 97] Medal Bestowment

It’s time for the medal bestowment ceremony for [The Seven Deadly Sins]. It seems not everyone in the crowd approves of them receiving this honor, however.

[Episode 98] Unwelcome Hero

Meliodas announces that anyone who has a problem with him should say so to his face. [The Pleiades of the Azure Sky] step forward to voice their displeasure.

[Episode 99] The Pleiades of the Azure Sky Retreat

Having seen the full extent of Meliodas’ powers,  [The Pleiades of the Azure Sky] retreat without further protest.

[Episode 100] Return, Interrupted

On their way back from the medal bestowment ceremony, Meliodas and crew run into the Trio of Troublemakers.

[Episode 101] Preparing for Travel

The [Ten Commandments] have been revived! Meliodas makes preparations to go on a journey to stop them.

[Episode 102] Tragedy Begins Anew

Meliodas tells Merlin about the return of the [Ten Commandments].

[Episode 103] To the West District

Meliodas tails Gowther to the West District. What’s going on?

[Episode 104] Heartless

Gowther confesses that he used Guila and Zeal to understand what Humans think and feel. Diane is furious with him.

[Episode 105] Gowther’s Rampage

Gowther finally goes berserk. Will Diane be able to stop him?

[Episode 106] Confusion

The West District is in shambles. What in the world happened there?

[Episode 107] Gowther’s Story

After the chaos Gowther caused, Merlin determines he’s too dangerous and removes the magic that had been cast on him. What is Gowther’s true identity?

[Episode 108] Belated Revelations

Now that the truth about Gowther has come to light, Diane finally grasps why he was so obsessed with understanding Human emotions.

[Episode 109] A Fresh Start

Meliodas and crew decide to return to the tavern and recount the day’s events.

[Episode 110] To Camelot!

Merlin senses something amiss in Camelot, the kingdom down south. What’s going on in Camelot?

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