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Ordan Village is a tranquil village in the Britannian countryside, nestled between forests and mountains. The Goat's Sin of Lust, Gowther, was found and hunted by the Holy Knight group Dawn Roar after reports of an 'Armored Giant' hiding out in the surrounding mountains.

Episodes 42-47

[Episode 42] Sword Wolf Hunt

The tavern needs cooking ingredients to open up the shop. Meliodas suggests that he, King, and Ban compete to see who can bring the best ingredients.

[Episode 43] Suspicious Noises

Strange howls can be heard from the far off Woods of Ordan. What is making these sounds?

[Episode 44] Campfire

To celebrate Gowther joining the team, Meliodas and crew set up a campfire. Time for a tasty dinner!

[Episode 45] The Goat Sin of Lust Joins Up

Gowther is now officially part of the team. It looks like there’s something he wants to say.

[Episode 46] A Dangerous Move

Meliodas tries to convince the other members of [The Seven Deadly Sins] to help him recover his stolen sword. Suddenly, a mage appears out of nowhere in the middle of the tavern.

[Episode 47] Toward the Capital

Elizabeth has been kidnapped! To make matters worse, the capital is incredibly far away. How can the gang reach the capital as soon as possible?

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