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Vaizel is a merchant town in Britannia that was famous for its annual flea market festival. Giants are disallowed entry into the town since they had made a "huge ruckus" a few years ago. Vaizel is also host to an annual fighting tournament which takes place on top of the Great Vaizel Rock, during the flea market.

Episodes 29-41

[Episode 29] Old Man of Mystery

Vaizel is packed to the gills with people. Meliodas and crew decide to start gathering some intel.

[Episode 30] Fight Festival Preliminaries

Meliodas and crew decide to participate in the Vaizel Fight Festival when they discover Gideon will be awarded to the festival’s champion.

[Episode 31] The Lineup Revealed

Fighters have begun drawing lots for the quarterfinals! Now the Fight Festival truly begins for the disguised members of [The Seven Deadly Sins]

[Episode 32] A Surprised Encounter

The quarter-finalists have been decided. It looks like one of them is a Holy Knight! Why would a Holy Knight take part in a festival like this?

[Episode 33] Tiny Diane

Matrona, the mysterious, powerful fighter, turned out to be a tiny Diane! How did Diane get so small?

[Episode 34] Old Fart vs. Cain

King will be fighting Cain in the quarterfinals. What kind of skills does this mysterious old man have?

[Episode 35] Meliodaf vs. Vaan

The quarter-finalists are so powerful that each of these matches would've been a final in any other year! Who will win this time?

[Episode 36] Matrona vs. Howzer

Diane makes quick work of Griamore and advances to the semifinals, where she faces the Holy Knight Howzer.

[Episode 37] A Chance Opponent

Cain advances to the semifinals after defeating King. he seems to be very angry with Meliodas for some reason.

[Episode 38] Final Match

The finals at last! It appears Diane doesn’t want to fight Meliodas at all. Just when it looks like the finals will end uneventfully, something unexpected happens.

[Episode 39] Crisis Avoided

Holy Knights have suddenly ambushed Vaizel. Can Meliodas and crew defeat the powerful Knights and overcome this crisis?

[Episode 40] On the Road Again

Meliodas may have lost his broken sword, but he says that all that matters is Elizabeth’s safety.

[Episode 41] Onwards to Ordan!

With the Holy Knights ferociously chasing him, Meliodas knows he must find the other Deadly Sins. If only he knew where they were! Finally, he decides to head out without any particular destination in mind.

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