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Tala village can be found near the entrance of the Capital of the Dead, a plane of existence where the souls of those who have died reside. It is said that a living individual cannot enter the place even if they just desire to. However, a common saying, "A priceless memory shared with the deceased will open the path to the capital," implies that a person who shares a precious memory with a deceased person can enter the place without dying.

Episodes 22-28

[Episode 22] An Unexpected Battle

Luigi, Ellen’s brother, mistakenly believes Ban is to blame when he comes upon him by a collapsed Ellen. Just when it seems Luigi might understand, he attacks Ban. Who is he?

[Episode 23] Starving Siblings

Everything’s been cleared up between Ban, Luigi, and Ellen. Ban offers to cook something for the two, who look like they haven’t had anything to eat in ages.

[Episode 24] Memories of the Dead

Ban asks the siblings to tell him how to get into the Capital of the Dead as payment for the food he made. Ellen says cherished memories shared with the deceased will lead one to the Capital of the Dead.

[Episode 25] Capital of the Dead

They’re not sure how, but Meliodas and crew managed to get into the Capital of the Dead. Too bad it looks like they weren’t the only ones who did!

[Episode 26] The Grizzly Sin of Sloth Enters the Fray

King joins the group after realizing he was wrong about Ban. What’s next? Time to get some food and rest!

[Episode 27] Time to Eat!

Meliodas and crew leave the Capital of the Dead and decide the first thing they want to do is grab a bite.

[Episode 28] To Vaizel We Go!

A customer tells Meliodas about a giant hammer in Vaizel that no one can wield. Could this hammer be Gideon, Diane’s Sacred Treasure?

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