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Dalmally is a small town located eight miles northeast of Baste Dungeon. It is the place where Diane, Elizabeth, and Hawk stopped by to treat Meliodas’ wound before entering the dungeon where Ban was held captive.

Episodes 9-21

[Episode 9] A Girl’s Dream

Diane has joined the team! It’s time to decide where to go next. Where will Meliodas choose to go?

[Episode 10] Anything for the Captain

Meliodas collapses after his battle with Gilthunder. The group decides to go to a nearby village to get Meliodas some medical attention.

[Episode 11] Insect Swarm

A suspicious shadow approaches the village from afar. What in the world could it be?

[Episode 12] Dana’s Call

Meliodas’ caretaker, Dr. Dana is looking urgently for Elizabeth. Could something have happened to Meliodas?

[Episode 13] Unveiled Conspiracy

Meliodas is finally awake! But Golgius of the [Weird Fangs], who tried to kill him earlier, has already fled.

[Episode 14] Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts

Golgius threatens Meliodas by popping up all around him. Does he truly have teleportation powers?! There’s something fishy about this, especially after what Hawk said. What is Meliodas’ plan?

[Episode 15] Dead End

Meliodas has successfully lured Golgius into a trap. He questions the cornered Golgius. Will Meliodas get the answer he’s looking for?

[Episode 16] Even if You Should Die

Meliodas and crew successfully defeated Golgius. However, instead of heading to Baste Prison, Elizabeth runs toward the dying Dr. Dana.

[Episode 17] In Search of Ban

Elizabeth promises to fight to protect the kingdom and its people. The group heads to Baste Prison to rescue Dr. Dana’s daughter.

[Episode 18] Sennet’s Return

Everyone thought Dr. Dana died, but he miraculously survived. Dr. Dana reunites with his daughter Sennet, who was rescued from Baste Prison.

[Episode 19] Old Legends

Shooting stars suddenly light up the sky, like in the old Britannian poem that reads “A great threat shall fall upon Britannia when the whole sky is lit by a blazing cross.”

[Episode 20] Rebuilding the Village

After the insect attack, the town of Dalmally was in a bad state. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, however, the village slowly returned to its old self.

[Episode 21] Looking for King

Meliodas proposes visiting the Capital of the Dead, where he suspects the gang might be able to find King. What will the Capital of the Dead look like?

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