Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

[Episode 481] From the Sky

Estarossa is in pain. A worried Elizabeth approaches him, but he grabs her and begins to express his anger.

[Episode 482] Place of Memories

After getting away from Estarossa, Elizabeth realizes she is at the Celestial Theater, where she and Meliodas used to sneak off to.

[Episode 483] Inferiority

Estarossa calmly talks about his past with Meliodas.

[Episode 484] Beyond

Meanwhile, Merlin and Ludociel's group finds the zone of darkness covering Camelot Castle.

[Episode 485] Encounter

After entering the zone of darkness, Ludociel and the group discover a giant cocoon. Zeldris, Chandler, and Cusack are waiting for them.

[Episode 486] Preemptive Strike

Zeldris warns Merlin's group not to interrupt Meliodas.

[Episode 487] Flash

Chandler and Cusack are taken aback by Merlin's magic. Ludociel sees an opportunity and goes in for a surprise attack.

[Episode 488] War of Nerves

Zeldris and Ludociel's swords clash, but neither is backing down. Ludociel taunts Zeldris, but he is unfazed.

[Episode 489] Prince of Darkness

Hendrickson helps Ludociel evade Cusack's attack. Ludociel attacks Zeldris once again.

[Episode 490] Struggle

Thrown into the air by Zeldris's attack, Ludociel falls on Escanor's back. The fight intensifies.

[Episode 491] Clue

Ludociel joins forces with Escanor to attack Zeldris. Will they succeed?

[Episode 492] Realm of the Gods

After hearing Merlin explain the inner workings of Zeldris's magic, Ludociel lunges in for another attack.

[Episode 493] Forced Removal

Zeldris attacks Escanor, who is in his "The One" form.

[Episode 494] Highest-ranked Demons

Zeldris is wounded. Cusack takes his place and faces Ludociel.

[Episode 495] [Napping Reaper]

Ludociel ignores Hendrickson's pleas to heal Gilthunder. He fights Cusack.

[Episode 496] [Pacifier Fiend]

As Cusack and Ludociel engage in combat, Merlin and Chandler begin their fight as well.

[Episode 497] Absolute Perfection

Neither Merlin's magic nor Ludociel's attack work on the two highest-ranking Demons. How could this be?

[Episode 498] Merlin's Plan

Merlin says a weakness can be created if one doesn't exist. What is her plan?

[Episode 499] Overwhelmed

Hendrickson asks Ludociel to heal Gilthunder, but because winning the fight is his top priority, the Archangel refuses.

[Episode 500] Decision

Zeldris continues the battle in place of Cusack, who is incapacitated by Merlin's magic.

[Episode 501] In Purgatory

In the midst of a fierce battle between Liones and Camelot, Ban faces a terrible ordeal when he leaves for Purgatory to find Meliodas. Will Ban be able to find Meliodas's emotions in the vast Purgatory?