Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

[Episode 446] Leading Command

[The Seven Deadly Sins], [The Four Archangels], and the Holy Knights of Liones have gathered in the strategy room. They decide troop placements and responsibilities.

[Episode 447] New Equipment

[The Seven Deadly Sins] prepare for the impending Holy War. Hawk tells his mama about his determination.

[Episode 448] Strange Symptom

Escanor is upset after seeing King and Diane's lovey-dovey conversation. Unaware of how sensitive the man is, Gowther changes his voice and pulls a cruel prank.

[Episode 449] Departure Ceremony

[The Seven Deadly Sins] and [Stigma] finish their preparations and begin their advance.

[Episode 450] The Holy War Resumes

Ludociel of [The Four Archangels] announces to all Holy Knights the new start of the Holy War.

[Episode 451] Into the Fire

Howzer leads the expeditionary force in a battle against the Demons.

[Episode 452] Deathpierce

Deathpierce believes Ludociel's spell to be his protection and recklessly charges at the Demons.

[Episode 453] False Power

Howzer and Guila realize that something is wrong, not just with Deathpierce, but with all of the Holy Knights. They investigate.

[Episode 454] One's Place

The Demon swarm breaks through the expeditionary force and heads toward Liones. Guila is unable to hide her anxiety.

[Episode 455] Each Battle

Annie has been taking care of Derieri and Monspeet, who are hiding out in a small cabin. On her way back home, she hears of a great danger approaching the village.

[Episode 456] Another Level

The members of the assault force can only look on as the fight continues for the expeditionary force. Leaving behind the wish to help them, the assault force makes its way toward Camelot.

[Episode 457] Foolish Belief

The Demons have retreated, providing the troops with a much-needed moment of rest. Deathpierce boasts about his power, but Elizabeth appears and tells everyone the truth about the false power Ludociel has given them.

[Episode 458] Unsung Hero

Deathpierce does not heed Elizabeth's warning. Frustrated by his denseness, Sariel and Tarmiel of [The Four Archangels] step in to explain.

[Episode 459] Spine of the Sword

Meanwhile, Derieri and Monspeet plan their next move as they hide out in a remote village.

[Episode 460] Evil Signal

Annie tries to warn Derieri and Monspeet of the danger, but dies by Estarossa's hand. The two are shocked by the sudden attack.

[Episode 461] Going After the Commandments

Derieri will be at a disadvantage if she fights Estarossa. Monspeet fights in her stead.

[Episode 462] Golden Opportunity

Derieri begs Estarossa to stop, saying she was planning to relinquish her Commandment anyway. Estarossa seems to have other plans.

[Episode 463] Untold Words

The tables have turned. Monspeet begins mocking Estarossa for his pitiful past.

[Episode 464] Emptiness

The expeditionary force is ready to advance again after their brief R&R. Suddenly, a huge magical force flies toward the battlefield with incredible speed.

[Episode 465] Broken Heart

Derieri suddenly lands in the middle of the battlefield. Deathpierce notices her and lunges at her despite Elizabeth’s call to stop.

[Episode 466] Reasons for Wandering

Derieri tells Elizabeth that Monspeet was murdered by Estarossa.

[Episode 467] Awful Reunion

Estarossa has followed Derieri to the battlefield. He uses “Evil Hound” to separate Elizabeth and Derieri from the Holy Knights.

[Episode 468] Ferocious Beast

Elizabeth defeats the “Evil Hound” and reunites with the Holy Knights with Diane’s help.

[Episode 469] Reunion With the Enemy

Estarossa mocks Mael’s death. Enraged, Sariel and Tarmiel begin their Combined Attack.

[Episode 470] Unavenged

Sariel and Tarmiel unleash the power of their Graces.

[Episode 471] Unanswered

While [The Four Archangels] engage in deadly combat against Estarossa, Derieri asks Elizabeth the words Monspeed had been keeping to himself.

[Episode 472] No Hasty Conclusions

[The Four Archangels] defeat Estarossa and return to [Stigma]. The fight isn’t over, however.

[Episode 473] Twisted Demon

Estarossa escapes the Dimension of Grace. He becomes strangely powerful and defeats Tarmiel. He turns his attention to Sariel.

[Episode 474] Two Commandments

Estarossa is unscathed by Sariel and Tarmiel’s attacks.

[Episode 475] Distorted Desire

Inside the dark tornado, Estarossa recalls his conversation with Elizabeth in the past.

[Episode 476] Demented Love

Estarossa is confused about his identity after seeing Elizabeth and Derieri. He seems to be obsessed with Elizabeth and begins to approach her slowly.

[Episode 477] Uneasy Silence

Unscathed, Estarossa slashes through the “Diamond Shield” and Guila. Sariel and Tarmiel attack Estarossa but are overpowered.

[Episode 478] Captured Goddess

In order to stop Estarossa from going berserk, Elizabeth volunteers to go with him.

[Episode 479] Pursuers

Derieri says she’ll help with Elizabeth’s rescue plan.