Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

[Episode 429] Sneaking In

Pelonia’s “Maerchen Maze” has Arthur trapped. Demons appear.

[Episode 430] Divided

After dealing with the Demons, Arthur wanders Camelot in search of Cath. Meanwhile, Cath zppears next to Pelonia.

[Episode 431] Cath Returns

Arthur realizes he’s no longer in an illusion, and is near the castle. Cath rejoins him just in time.

[Episode 432] In Search of the Sword

After Cath rejoins him, Arthur enters Camelot Castle to find the Holy Sword. Before he has a chance, he is found by Zeldris and Cusack.

[Episode 433] Awful Reunion

Arthur sees that the Holy Sword is safe and sound. Cusack subdues Cath and enters the sword chamber with Zeldris.

[Episode 434] Holy Sword Unleashed

Seeing Meliodas, a hero he once respected, turned traitor infuriates Arthur. He pulls out Excalibur.

[Episode 435] Hero’s Awakening

Devastated and enraged by Meliodas’s betrayal, Arthur levels his sword at him.

[Episode 436] Child of Hope

Merlin tells [The Seven Deadly Sins] the history of Excalibur and its power.

[Episode 437] Misjudgment

When Hawk asks if Arthur can defeat Meliodas and the others merely by Excalibur, Merlin shakes her head with a grave expression.

[Episode 438] The Limit

Arthur is confused by Excalibur’s sudden weight. Cusack scoffs; Arthur is too weak to use the power of Excalibur.

[Episode 439] Insurmountable Difference

Just as Cusack is about to kill Arthur, Merlin enters the scene.

[Episode 440] Intruder

Merlin has crossed enemy lines to save Arthur. Meliodas demands she hand over the Commandment.

[Episode 441] Fading Hope

Chandler berates Cusack for letting Arthur go. Cusack says he can take care of it immediately.

[Episode 442] The Pain of Loss

[The Seven Deadly Sins] are left in shock by Arthur’s death. A Holy Knight sent by Ludociel arrives.

[Episode 443] Most Precious

Arthur has been stabbed by his sword. Merlin brings him to her room. Escanor tries to reach out to console Merlin, but...

[Episode 444] In the Face of Sadness

Merlin collects herself, thanks to Elizabeth’s words She head to the meeting for the coming Holy War.

[Episode 445] Bloody Prelude

After collecting herself, Merlin heads to the strategy room with Elizabeth and Escanor.