Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Episodes 409 - 427

[Episode 409] Now’s Our Chance

[The Seven Deadly Sins] enter Camelot and see that Zeldris has stopped the Demons from attacking, as promised.

[Episode 410] Entering Camelot

[The Seven Deadly Sins] rush into the streets to save the frightened people.

[Episode 411] Clever Strategy

[The Seven Deadly Sins] hurry to save the people, who are free from Zeldris’s Commandment, and send them back to Liones.

[Episode 412] Crowd Control

Diane, Escanor, and Hawk begin directing everyone to one location.

[Episode 413] Chaos

As King and Merlin team up to save people, Diane sees Elizabeth running in the distance.

[Episode 414] The Return of the Princess

Elizabeth is attacked by the “Split Tama,” and Diane crushes them. Diane takes Elizabeth back to the Boar Hat.

[Episode 415] Firm Resolve

[The Seven Deadly Sins] are worried about Elizabeth. She describes Meliodas’s plan.

[Episode 416] Glorious Return

The people cheer for the return of [The Seven Deadly Sins]. Bartra comes to meet them and asks where Meliodas is.

[Episode 417] Shepherd of Light

Ludociel, who has taken over Margaret’s body, enters with Gilthunder, Hendrickson, and Dreyfus. The reception room is filled with confusion.

[Episode 418] Tempting Suggestion

Hendrickson oversteps his boundaries and tells a startled Bartra that there is nothing to worry about with [The Four Archangels] on their side. Dreyfus drags him out.

[Episode 419] The Others

[Stigma] and [The Seven Deadly Sins] form an alliance to save Liones and Brittania, but the alliance isn’t without its troubles.

[Episode 420] Disagreement

Gilthunder cannot accept the alliance with [The Four Archangels] while they are led by Ludociel in Margaret’s body.

[Episode 421] A Scar That Never Heals

Liones Castle is holding a banquet. As Hendrickson converses with Ludociel, Deathpierce arrives with [The Pleiades of the Azure Sky].

[Episode 422] An Unexpected Gift

Ludociel’s blessing has everyone in high spirits. Ludociel tells Hendrickson about the death of the fourth Archangel, Mael.

[Episode 423] To Father

Elizabeth tells Bartra the truth. Bartra sheds a tear for his daughter’s tragic destiny.

[Episode 424] A New Morning

During daylight hours, Escanor leaves with Hawk to buy parts for Gowther’s repair.

[Episode 425] Secret Request

Escanor takes advantage of this time away from Merlin and asks Hawk for a favor.

[Episode 426] Officially Acquainted

Ludociel is shocked to find out that Escanor and the scrawny member of [The Seven Deadly Sins] are one and the same.

[Episode 427] Irony of Fate

Ludociel claims that Escanor’s sun magic is the Grace of his younger brother, Mael of [The Four Archangels].

[Episode 428] Dastardly Trap

After falling for Merlin’s trap, Zeldris returns to Camelot without the Commandment.