Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Episodes 391 - 408

[Episode 391] Their Disappearance

Ban has left for Purgatory in search of Meliodas's soul. King and Diane console Elaine, who is worried sick for Ban.

[Episode 392] The Trio's Journey

Margaret, Dreyfus, and Hendrickson are on a journey to find Gilthunder and his kidnapper, Vivian. They see a couple about to be attacked by Demons and move quickly to help.

[Episode 393] Mysterious Whispers

The group learns nothing new from the couple they saved. Suddenly, Margaret hears a whisper in her ear.

[Episode 394] The Princess's Disappearance

Hendrickson and Dreyfus resolve to do whatever it takes for Margaret and Gilthunder's happiness. Princess Margaret hasn't returned from her absence, however.

[Episode 395] The Voice

Margaret says she'll do whatever it takes to save Gilthunder. Hendrickson tries to stop her, but it's no use.

[Episode 396] Eras of War

Ludociel begins telling the story of the Holy War, 3,000 years ago. He seems to sense something and casts magic.

[Episode 397] Manifestation of [The Four Archangels]

The Holy Knights are fighting against the Demons. Suddenly, Tarmiel and Sariel of [The Four Archangels] possess Human vessels and appear on the battlefield.

[Episode 398] The Witch and the Knight

Meanwhile, Gilthunder is trapped in a cell somewhere after being kidnapped by Vivian. After looking around for a while, he finds an opening to the outside.

[Episode 399] The Palace in the Sky

He made it out, but nothing has changed. Gilthunder is dismayed to find out he is in the Sky Temple, above the clouds.

[Episode 400] Lovers Reunited

Gilthunder rejects Vivian until the end. She doesn't intend on giving up on her twisted love.

[Episode 401] Sinister Aura

Dreyfus rushes over to the fallen Vivian. Gilthunder expresses hesitation, seeing Dreyfus, the man who was once a Demon of [The Ten Commandments], appear with Margaret.

[Episode 402] Growing Anxiety

[The Seven Deadly Sins] are busy cleaning up the tavern. Hawk consoles Diane, who is nervous about their ability to save everyone.

[Episode 403] Negotiations

By the tavern entrance, Merlin speaks to Zeldris as if she knows who he is. Zeldris, however, does not recognize her.

[Episode 404] Spontaneous Action

Merlin suggests to Zeldris that the two of them should negotiate in private. Zeldris accepts. The two fly into the sky.

[Episode 405] Negotiation in the Sky

Merlin asks why Zeldris would try to make Meliodas the Demon King. He refuses to answer.

[Episode 406] An Unreasonable Request

Merlin asks Zeldris to hand over Elizabeth, but he says Meliodas would never allow that.

[Episode 407] Demon's Wrath

Merlin returns to the Boar Hat while Zeldris is busy reacting to Ludociel's attack. She says the time to move is now.

[Episode 408] Camelot in Crisis

Cusack is enraged by the fact that Zeldris was not only overpowered by Meliodas, but also tricked.