Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Episodes 370 - 390

[Episode 370] Hands of Salvation

Drole and Gloxinia confine Chandler inside the Ore Tree, Ordora. What are they planning?

[Episode 371] Atonement

Drole and Gloxinia say they'll handle Chandler and tell the others to run. King and Diane object and wish to fight alongside them.

[Episode 372] Foundation for the Future

It's just Drole and Gloxinia now. They face off against Chandler with all their might.

[Episode 373] The Final Moment

The fight begins. Drole and Gloxinia's goal is simple: buy time for [The Seven Deadly Sins] to flee, no matter the cost.

[Episode 374] Those who Move Forward

The Boar Hat is headed to Camelot. Merlin, who had been unconscious for a long time, awakens.

[Episode 375] Negative Energy

It's not just Escanor. Something's wrong with King and Diane too.

[Episode 376] What Can We Do

Ban goes upstairs to speak with Elaine and tell her he'll do what he can.

[Episode 377] The Worst Timing

Meliodas's past self, a ruler of the Demon Realm, has awakened! He seems completely different from the Meliodas we know, however.

[Episode 378 & 379] Bolt from the Blue

Meliodas says he will become the Demon King to save Elizabeth. He leaves with Elizabeth despite everyone's objection.

[Episode 380] Hawk's Secret

How can the gang turn Meliodas back to normal? Merlin remembers what Meliodas said and examines Hawk.

[Episode 381] Life-or-Death Journey

Merlin talks about her father and warns of the dangers of Purgatory. Ban, an immortal, says he will go to Purgatory.

[Episode 382] To Camelot

Zeldris is in Camelot Castle. Underground, Estarossa awakens.

[Episode 383] Three Brothers

Meliodas arrives in Camelot Castle. Zeldris is bothered by his brother's sudden declaration to become the Demon King.

[Episode 384] What Each Wants

Zeldris raises his sword against Meliodas, who seeks to usurp the throne of the Demon King.

[Episode 385] Battle for the Throne

Estarossa acknowledges Meliodas's power and tries to avoid fighting head-on, but Zeldris isn't on the same page.

[Episode 386] Meliodas's Plan

After calming his brothers, Meliodas explains his plan.

[Episode 387] To Become the Demon King

Meliodas and Zeldris check the Commandments in their possession. Meliodas asks his brothers to retrieve the rest.

[Episode 388] Faded Promise

Elizabeth tries to convince Meliodas to look for another way. It seems he has no intention of changing his mind, however.

[Episode 389] Differing Ideals

Meliodas and Elizabeth are unable to come to an agreement. In order to stop Meliodas, Elizabeth leaves Camelot and makes her way to [The Seven Deadly Sins].

[Episode 390] Robbed of the Commandment

Before leaving to retrieve the Commandments, Zeldris warns Estarossa not to recklessly absorb Commandments.