Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Episodes 350-369

[Episode 350] Distress Signal

While in hiding, Orlondi is discovered by a green Demon. A man appears in the moment of crisis and saves Orlondi.

[Episode 351] Secret Location

While heading to the secret location, Orlondi realizes the man he had been looking for has been Arthur all along.

[Episode 352] Hidden Sadness

Arthur leads Orlondi to a small underground area. It is a refuge for the people of Camelot.

[Episode 353] Sight for Sore Eyes

Just as Arthur was about to relax, his mentor Nanashi arrives.

[Episode 354] Patrol Log

Eliminating Demons has become routine. Arthur and Nanashi haven't given up on Camelot yet. They vanquish Demons day after day.

[Episode 355] The King's Resolve

The situation in Camelot is worsening by the day, and Arthur plans to execute his plan. Orlondi warns him about Zeldris of [The Ten Commandments] inside the castle.

[Episode 356] Collapse

Despite Zeldris's call to assemble [The Ten Commandments], Monspeet and Derieri remember Meliodas and decide not to respond.

[Episode 357] Master and the Apprentice

The new Demon arrivals are Chandler and Cusack. They are the former masters of Meliodas and Zeldris.

[Episode 358] Darkness Which Engulfs Light

Zeldris and Cusack have a conversation after Chandler leaves. At that moment, Estarossa regains consciousness inside the castle.

[Episode 359] Intrusion

Diane successfully pulls Meliodas and Elizabeth out of the tavern, but Chandler is not about to give up.

[Episode 360] Kindred Spirits

The area around the tavern is instantly thrown into chaos. King and Gowther join forces to take down Chandler.

[Episode 361] Guard Up!

Demons swarm in after Chandler is defeated. Gowther senses something is off.

[Episode 362] In the Clutches of Evil

The attack was successful, but how is he completely unharmed? Gowther is flustered.

[Episode 363] Too Close

After handling Gowther, Chandler tries to harm Meliodas and Elizabeth. Diane stops the attack in the nick of time.

[Episode 364] Fated Allies

Chandler says Meliodas will never live in harmony with [The Seven Deadly Sins].

[Episode 365] Indiscriminate Attack

Chandler is unaffected by King, Diane, and Ban's attack combinations. The situation continues to worsen.

[Episode 366] Desperate Attempt

Hawk asks Gowther to stop Chandler, but Gowther laments his inability to join the fight.

[Episode 367] Indomitable

The Sins are becoming exhausted from the prolonged fight. Just when the gang thought they would lose Meliodas, Elizabeth appears.

[Episode 368] Joy and Sorrow

[The Seven Deadly Sins] successfully takes Chandler down. Gowther collapses due to his defiance of the "Absolute Order."

[Episode 369] The Weight of the Crown

It's not over until it's over! Just when everyone thought it was over, Chandler turns into a powerful Demon!