Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Episodes 304-349

[Episode 304] A Memory From Another Life

[Episode 305] Two Gods

[Episode 306] Eternal Reincarnation

Meliodas says that while wandering alone throughout Britannia, he found Elizabeth, thought to have been dead, reincarnated as someone new.

[Episode 307] Dilemma

Meliodas tells the story of the times he spent with 107 Elizabeths over the years. The group is speechless as they listen.

[Episode 308] Coffin of Eternal Darkness

Meliodas begins to tell the story of the destruction of Danafor 16 years in the past.

[Episode 309] Danafor in Danger

The Kingdom of Danafor is in chaos. Liz searches for Meliodas - her lover and Grandmaster of the Knights of Danafor.

[Episode 310] The Enemy Knows

As Liz searches for Meliodas, Fraudrin of [The Ten Commandments] appears before her.

[Episode 311 & 312] One Hundred and Six Deaths

Meliodas finally finds Liz after searching for her in the city streets. Liz, however...

[Episode 313] Countdown to Doom

Meliodas is unable to keep his emotions in check after seeing his love die before his eyes yet again.

[Episode 314] Despair

In her dying breath, Liz tells Meliodas that they will meet again. Those words do not comfort Meliodas.

[Episode 315] The Goal of This Journey

Meliodas apologizes for keeping the goal of the journey a secret from the gang.

[Episode 316] Guilt

Meliodas says the group should focus on what's ahead of them. Merlin reminds everyone the group's objective.

[Episode 317] What Goes Around

Diane says it's her fault that Elizabeth started to regain her memories. Hawk does his best to calm her down.

[Episode 318] Fortress City Corand

Helbram suddenly congratulates and encourages King unprompted. King doesn't know why this feels off-putting.

[Episode 319] A Clever Trap

The gang arrives in Corand. A dangerous character awaits them on the other side of the bridge.

[Episode 320] Scene of a Massacre

Separated from Melascula, [The Seven Deadly Sins] and Hawk follow his magic that can be felt from the center of the city of Corand.

[Episode 321] Deep Resentment

The skeletons animated by Melascula's "Way of Reviving the Hateful Dead" start to charge at [The Seven Deadly Sins].

[Episode 322] Fated Allies

[The Seven Deadly Sins] fight against the skeletons in order to save Meliodas, but things aren't so easy for them.

[Episode 323] Captured Mind

The gang has time for a breather after taking down the skeletons, but Merlin suddenly yells out to the group, telling them not to let their guard down to avoid being possessed.

[Episode 324] With All My Heart

Diane is possessed by the dead spirits of the massacred population. Merlin warns everyone not to hold back against her.

[Episode 325 & 326] Hands of Salvation

Gowther enters Diane's mind and searches for her in her subconscious.

[Episode 327] Not Enough

The dead spirits aim to separate Gowther and Diane. Will they be able to escape the clutches of the dead spirits?

[Episode 328] The Crushing Weight of Guilt

Just when they thought everything was lost, Helbram speaks to the dead spirits.

[Episode 329] Elizabeth

The dead spirits exact revenge on Helbram, but their grudge won't disappear. They attack [The Seven Deadly Sins].

[Episode 330] Regained Memories

The day is saved thanks to Elaine and Elizabeth.

[Episode 331] The Main Culprit

Melascula arrives to kill Elizabeth and [The Seven Deadly Sins].

[Episode 332] Time for Revenge

Melascula reveals her true form. She recounts the events of the past and lunges at Ban.

[Episode 333] Lovers in Danger

Melascula grabs Ban and runs wild. Elaine chases after them.

[Episode 334] Power of Love

Despite King's objection, Elaine rushes in to save Ban.

[Episode 335] Awakening Evil

An evil shockwave is felt from the center of Corand as the battle reaches peak intensity.

[Episode 336] Absolute Superiority

"Assault Mode" Meliodas appears after destroying the "Gloom Cocoon". He emanates an ominous aura.

[Episode 337] Prey

Ban tries to catch Melascula by surprise, but fails. He becomes covered in her bile.

[Episode 338] Prelude to a Counter Attack

Ban writhes in pain, and Elizabeth heals him immediately. Melascula is shocked to see this.

[Episode 339] How to Save Everyone

Finding herself at a disadvantage, Melascula tries to escape. Gowther and Elaine's combined attack puts her in a corner.

[Episode 340] A Cornered Rat

Melascula has turned into a tiny snake after the miasma is removed. Merlin puts her into a test tube.

[Episode 341] Friend or Foe

After defeating Melascula, [The Seven Deadly Sins] are shocked when they sense a terrible evil in the center of Corand.

[Episode 342] Pride vs. Wrath

The battle between "Assault Mode" Meliodas and Escanor begins to intensify in the center of Corand.

[Episode 343] Only Opponent

The gang is worried for Escanor. Merlin says it's almost high noon.

[Episode 344] One Minute Left

Escanor doesn't seem to be able to withstand Meliodas's powerful attacks. The rest of the Sins become more worried.

[Episode 345] Invincible Avatar

It's noon. Escanor becomes the avatar of invincibility and stands before Meliodas.

[Episode 346] End of the Battle

With Melascula's magic gone, the dimensional distortion is removed. And yet, Meliodas has not regained consciousness.

[Episode 347] Loss of Fighting Power

On the way back to the tavern after the battle, Ban laments his powerlessness in the fight.

[Episode 348] Reliable Ally

Merlin agrees to isolate Meliodas with Elizabeth, but also says she'll keep a close eye on them.

[Episode 349] What's Left

Camelot is in trouble after Zeldris of [The Ten Commandments] took over. [The Seven Deadly Sins] are unsure what to make of the situation as they have never experienced anything like this before.