Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Episodes 271 - 303

[Episode 271] Signs of Maturity

Watching King and Diane sleep, Gloxinia and Drole talk about the growth they will experience.

[Episode 272] Siblings Reunited

King is surprised to find wings on his back, but is disappointed by their size.

[Episode 273] Promise of a Previous Life

Gloxinia gently tries to calm Oslo. Will Oslo obey his words.

[Episode 274] Everyone Gather!

King and Diane head to Liones in order to rejoin [The Seven Deadly Sins] and to retrieve Gowther's memories.

[Episode 275] Gatecrasher

All seven finally in one place! Not knowing that Meliodas is alive, King and Diane are sad to see he's not there. Just then, Meliodas's voice is heard.

[Episode 276] Genuine Apology

They don't understand how, but Meliodas is alive and well. King apologizes for misunderstanding him.

[Episode 277] The Fourth Rule

Meliodas notices a change in Diane, who tells him that she regained her memories. Gowther says that's impossible.

[Episode 278] A Distant Memory

Melidoas tells Ban about Gowther of [The Ten Commandments], the one who created the Gowther they know.

[Episode 279] Sparks of the Past

Gowther stops running in front of an unknown castle. Suddenly, Gowther recalls memories he doesn't recognize.

[Episode 280] First Encounter

Liones, 45 years ago. Gowther wakes up in an underground cave. He has no idea where he is.

[Episode 281] Past Time

Nadja and Gowther introduce htemselves to each other. Nadja asks how Gowther got to where they are, to which Gowther replies that it's where he has always been.

[Episode 282] Mysterious Boy

While Nadja returns to the castle after parting with Gowther, her younger brother, Bartra, finds out that she has snuck out.

[Episode 283] Unrealized Dream

While looking around the cave, Gowther finds a tree from the Fairy King's Forest and remembers someone.

[Episode 284 & 285] Man In a Novel

Nadja returns to Gowther as promised. She gives him a present, but he says he doesn't need it.

[Episode 286] Life Spent Together

After regaining consciousness, Nadja hears from Bartra what had happened in the cave. She says she feels strongly attracted to him.

[Episode 287] Heart's Limit

Bartra asks Gowther to stay by Nadja's side. Gowther heads to her room.

[Episode 288] Doll Left Behind

Hearing Gowther's crying voice, soldiers rush in to the room. They are rendered speechless by a gory sight before them.

[Episode 289] Nonexistent Feelings

Present day. Gowther tries to erase his memories again, but Diane shows up and stops him.

[Episode 290] Other Side of a Wound

Running only led to King, whose Combat Class is also much higher after his trial.

[Episode 291] Situation Complete

After regaining all of his memories and emotions back, Gowther thanks Diane.

[Episode 292] Inner Thoughts

Diane asks Merlin what kind of heart Gowther the mage gave to their Gowther.

[Episode 293] Desperate Call

Diane and Elizabeth visit Elaine in her room. Diane tells Elaine how the Fairy King's Forest is doing.

[Episode 294] Search for Infiltrations

Arthur is nowhere to be seen. As Orlondi is about to give up, everything goes black and a figure appears.

[Episode 295] Reunion

[The Seven Deadly Sins] have a reunion for the first time in ten years. Elizabeth and Hawk also join the fun conversations.

[Episode 296] Way to Improvement

As the party continues, Diane asks Gowther how he ended the Holy War.

[Episode 297] Catching On Quick

Meliodas senses something must be wrong when Merlin leaves. He follows her.

[Episode 298] What You Want to Hear

The next day, Elizabeth talks to Meliodas in private. She says she has something to ask him.

[Episode 299] Emergency Situation

While heading back to the tavern, Elizabeth hears from Hendrickson that Merlin is ill.

[Episode 300] Prelude to a Tragedy

Elizabeth tries to assess Merlin's condition. Within the depths of Merlin's subconscious, Elizabeth meets Zeldris.

[Episode 301] Sign of a Curse

Merlin is freed from Zeldris's magic, but Elizabeth seems troubled.

[Episode 302] Depth of Pain

Elizabeth tells Diane and Elaine what she head from Zeldris.

[Episode 303] Point of Inflection

Ban and Meliodas are having a conversation on the terrace. Hawk hurries over, looking for Meliodas.