Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Episodes 237 - 270

[Episode 237] Encouraging Growth

After accepting the trial, King and Diane express their worry for each other.

[Episode 238] Unfamiliar

King and Diane find themselves in a strange environment. They are surprised to find themselves looking like Gloxinia and Drole.

[Episode 239] The Trial Begins

Helbram tries to awaken King, but Gloxinia tells him it will be impossible until he can pass the trial.

[Episode 240] [Stigma]

Despite King's worry, Elizabeth safely sends the Demons back. At that moment, unfamiliar characters appear.

[Episode 241] Hunting to Eat

It's late at night. Meliodas hunts wild wolves for a meal.

[Episode 242] The Man's Identity

Feelings of hostility against Demons is in the air. Love approaches the lone Meliodas and starts a conversation.

[Episode 243] The Clouds of War

As Drole, Diane spars against other Giants. King is worried about the trial.

[Episode 244] Compromise

Leaving the forest in Lowe's care, King heads to the battlefield with Diane and Meliodas.

[Episode 245] Broken Trust

As an agreement was about to be made, Ludociel reveals his true intention.

[Episode 246] [The Four Archangels] vs. [The Ten Commandments]

[The Four Archangels] are unfazed by the attacks from [The Ten Commandments]. The battle picks up in intensity.

[Episode 247] Covert Activity

Meliodas tells King, who still suspects him, to see what happens with his own eyes.

[Episode 248] Game of Deception

Ludociel orders Nerobasta to guard the Gate of the Celestial Realm and heads to the battlefield.

[Episode 249] Gate of the Celestial Realm

Gowther the doll follows Nerobasta to the Gate of the Celestial Realm.

[Episode 250] The Final Choice

Gowther the doll speaks with Melascula by the Gate of the Celestial Realm. Meanwhile, Ludociel's presence in the battlefield puts [The Ten Commandments] at a disadvantage.

[Episode 251] Indura

Galland and Fraudrin of [The Ten Commandments] are surprised to see Derieri and Monspeet in the Indura forms.

[Episode 252] The Clash

The battle between the Indura and [The Four Archangels] begins. Ludociel requests assistance from Tarmiel and Sariel.

[Episode 253] Salvation

Meliodas rushes to help Elizabeth, who was knocked unconscious by Derieri's attack. The barrier of the Goddesses envelopes her.

[Episode 254] Stubbornness

Ludociel attacks [The Ten Commandments] while their guard is lowered.

[Episode 255] At Wit's End

Nerobasta wakes up to Ludociel's call. Who are the figures she sees before her?

[Episode 256] Tragic Foreboding

While the alliance at the Light of Grace are celebrating their victory over the Demons, Lowe notices that Gerharde has a troubled look on her face.

[Episode 257] Baring Teeth

Nerobasta warns the alliance of an emergency. When the alliance storms into the headquarters, something unexpected happens.

[Episode 258] Gowther the Doll

Sensing something is amiss, King and Diane leave Meliodas behind and head toward the Light of Grace.

[Episode 259] Gowther the Mage

Melascula begins reciting her spell to open the door to the Demon Realm, but the door leads elsewhere.

[Episode 260] Farewell

It turns out Melascula opened a door to the prison of the Demon Realm! Someone appears through the door.

[Episode 261] Commandment of Selflessness

Outside the Light of Grace, King and Diane are shocked to learn the Gowther in front of them is a doll.

[Episode 262] Wavering Heart

With the trauma of having been unable to protect Elaine, King rushes over to the Light of Grace.

[Episode 263] A Gruesome Scene

While Lowe hesitates, his comrade takes the opportunity to kill Gerharde for him. What will Lowe do?

[Episode 264] The Price of Tragedy

Lowe regrets his revenge. Gerharde tells him that she can explain it to her brother, but...

[Episode 265] Bloody Spear

Consumed by wrath, King demands Lowe to put Gerharde down.

[Episode 266] The Truth About That Day

Waking up in Ore Tree Ordora, King hears the truth about what happened that day from Gloxinia.

[Episode 267] A Different Choice

King wonders if the Holy War he experienced firsthand was real. What is Gloxinia's answer to that question?

[Episode 268] Magic From the Heart

After King leaves the outskirts of the Light of Grace, Diane says she thinks the Holy War will be over soon. Gowther the mage claims he is glad his death won't be in vain.

[Episode 269] At a Forked Road

Zeldris the executioner has come to capture Gowther, who escaped from the prison of the Demon Realm. Diane steps between them.

[Episode 270] When Hearts Connect

King is tormented by the fear that Diane will never make it back, no matter what choice she makes. Will she be able to return safely?