Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Episodes 224 - 236

[Episode 224] Reorganization

They bought some time, but the fight against the Demons isn't over yet. The team decides to take some time to reorganize, as they'll need everyone's help.

[Episode 225] Bartra's Request

Meliodas and Ban agree to Bartra's request to save the travelers captured by Demons.

[Episode 226] Still Friends

The two achieve their goal. Feeling the day would be wasted if they returned right away, they decide to grab a bite.

[Episode 227] Aftermath

Despite everyone's efforts, Liones is still in disarray. [The Seven Deadly Sins] head to Ordan Village in order to solve the next case.

[Episode 228] Rumored Village

The rumored village is found by following information given by travelers. What happened in Ordan Cemetery?

[Episode 229] Demonic Tyranny

The residents of Ordan Village are in danger! Amon them is Pelio, a boy who knew Gowther for a brief moment.

[Episode 230] An Easy Opponent

[The Seven Deadly Sins] start eliminating Demons to save the villagers.

[Episode 231] The New Tavern

The issue in Ordan has been resolved. Hawk calls out to everyone as they prepare to head to Liones.

[Episode 232] Officially Appointed?!

Howzer has become the new Grandmaster. Bartras calls the group over. It seems he has had a new vision.

[Episode 233] The King's Omen

King invites Diane, Matrona, and her family to hide in the Fairy King's Forest. Things don't look so good. Something unexpected happens to King and Diane.

[Episode 234] The Beginning of the Change

King and Diane are transported to a different place by a mysterious power. They open their eyes to find kings of the past, distorted.

[Episode 235] With You

Victory is close for Gloxinia and Drole, but they offer a second chance. Their motive is shrouded in mystery.

[Episode 236] An Unexpected Chance

King and Diane agree to the trial. Will they be able to make the right choice in the test prepared by Drole and Gloxinia?