Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Episodes 193 - 223

[Episode 193] Defending Liones

The thread of destruction looms over Liones after Meliodas dies and Demons run amok. Meanwhile, Ban and the Holy Knights are working to take down a Gray Demon when they feel a strange magical power.

[Episode 194] Commandment of Love

Upon arriving in the Liones Castle Plaza, Ban and the Holy Knights encounter a Gray Demon.

[Episode 195] The Strongest Man

Estarossa arrives in Liones Castle. The Holy Knights are rendered powerless by his Commandment.

[Episode 196] A Small Courtesy

In the moment of greatest danger, the strongest of [The Seven Deadly Sins], Escanor, appears!

[Episode 197] Love vs. Pride

The unpredictable battle continues as Escanor's magic begins to affect his surroundings.

[Episode 198] Returning People

Estarossa is certain he will emerge victorious, but Escanor's power grows stronger as noon approaches.

[Episode 199] Noble Sacrifice

The remaining Holy Knights return to Liones Castle with evacuees, unaware of the effects of the Commandments on them.

[Episode 200] Divine Lance Corporal Nerobasta

The Holy Knights and the citizens are stricken by the effects of Zeldris's Commandment. Monspeet and Derieri say it's an unwinnable fight and suggest withdrawing.

[Episode 201] A New Frontline

Nerobasta possesses Denzel. Deathpierce asks for help, but Nerobasta refuses and flees.

[Episode 202] Return of the Sins

Monspeet and Derieri head inside a secluded house in the outskirts of town. Their conversation is interrupted when they detect a source of magic approaching Liones.

[Episode 203] In Their Clutches

Demons appear before Zaratras and Elizabeth. To make matters worse, Monspeet and Derieri show up as well!

[Episode 204] Demonic Larva

Ban, Gilthunder, and the others head inside the castle in order to protect the king and the princesses. They then encounter...

[Episode 205] Gilfrost's True Identity

Grayroad has made some people into hosts, Jericho and Zeal among them. Can the group defeat [The Ten Commandments] and save their friends?

[Episode 206] The Daughter of Belialuin

Ban and the Holy Knights are rendered powerless once again by the Commandment of Pacifism. In this dire moment someone appears before them.

[Episode 207] Dreyfus's Disappearance

Merlin kills Grayroad's insects but isn't affected by her Commandment. On top of that, Galland's Commandment is broken as well. How can this be?

[Episode 208] The Tenacious Man

Sensing danger, Dreyfus quickly makes an escape. Ban, Howzer, and the others chase after him.

[Episode 209] The Three Grandmasters

Hendrickson tries to separate Fraudrin from Dreyfus to no avail. Just then, an unexpected character makes an appearance.

[Episode 210] A Desperate Effort

The fight has changed with Zaratras joining the fray, but it's still not enough. What will Zaratras and Hendrickson do?

[Episode 211] The Responsibility of Adults

Fraudrin says if he were removed from Dreyfus, he can just take possession again.

[Episode 212] Another Farewell

Zaratras uses up all of his life energy in order to save Dreyfus. He prepares to die for a second time.

[Episode 213] The Demon's True Form

Just when it looked like everything was over, Fraudrin appears once again. He uses his ability, "Full Size", to return to his original size.

[Episode 214] Revenge Match

The group is shocked to see Meliodas back from the dead. Moreover, there's something different about him!

[Episode 215] Wrath With Nowhere to Go

Fraudrin recalls the event 3,000 years ago and can't understand why Meliodas would betray the Demons.

[Episode 216] Belated Revelations

Fraudrin intends to self-destruct, taking everyone with him. Young Griamore begs him not to kill Dreyfus or anyone else.

[Episode 217] The Changed Hero

Fraudrin, for his love of Griamore, decides not to self-destruct, choosing to die instead.

[Episode 218] Cycle of the Curse

It's been a long day. Escanor sees Merlin, someone he missed dearly, and hurriedly runs over.

[Episode 219] Goodbye

All that remains after combat are scars. The loss of loved ones is unbearably painful. A funeral takes place on a rainy night.

[Episode 220] So Long As You're Here

Rainy night. Meliodas heads to the destroyed tavern by himself. He sits amongst the debris of his establishment.

[Episode 221] In a Single Night?

Elizabeth comes to look for Meliodas early in the morning. According to her, the entirety of Liones Castle has been restored overnight!

[Episode 222] Survivors

Liones Castle has been restored in a single night thanks to Merlin's magic. It looks fine, but not everything is perfect. The pain of losing loved ones is still there.

[Episode 223] The End, Then the Beginning

[The Seven Deadly Sins] share what they were able to learn about the current situation of [The Ten Commandments]. Everyone's demeanor darkens as they learn that [The Ten Commandments] have set up base in Camelot.