Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Episodes 181 - 191

[Episode 181] Degenerating Humanity

People are resorting to cruel methods to survive the tyranny of [The Ten Commandments]. They are offering other Humans, especially Holy Knights with strong souls, to the Demons.

[Episode 182] Wandering Holy Knight

Golgius flees from the villagers and ends up in the Forest of White Dreams.

[Episode 183] The Survivors

Golgius wakes up in the Boar Hat Tavern where he meets Elizabeth still running the place.

[Episode 184] A World Without You

Golgius can't understand why Elizabeth would save him and continues to see things in a fatalistic manner.

[Episode 185] The Ghost Knight's Identity

While cleaning the tavern, Hawk smells something metallic. Who does this smell belong to?

[Episode 186] Former Grandmaster Zaratras

Elizabeth and Zaratras reunite after many years. Zaratras explains how he died.

[Episode 187] Remaining Regrets

Zaratras says he doesn't know why he came back to life, but Elizabeth intuits that it is due to Melascula's spell.

[Episode 188] Stopped Heart

Zaratras says he must see Meliodas right away. Elizabeth leads him to the upper story of the tavern.

[Episode 189] Following Memories

Zaratras says he finally understands Meliodas's true intentions, then grabs Elizabeth and Hawk's hands and casts a spell.

[Episode 190] Meliodas's Memories

They open their eyes to find themselves in Danafor in the past. Elizabeth, Hawk, and Zaratras approach the truth through Meliodas's memories.

[Episode 191] Liones in Danger

Elizabeth hears how Liones is faring from a tavern customer.