Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

=Episodes 154 - 180

[Episode 154] To the Giant Labyrinth!

Meliodas and crew get their hands on a flyer for the Great Vaizel Fight Festival. What's their next move?

[Episode 155] Death Trap Maze

Diane and Matrona arrive at the Giant Labyrinth to save Sol and Della. They are separated before they reach the goal.

[Episode 156] Connected Hearts

Elizabeth heals the wounds Howzer sustained from the Earth Crawler. Diane sees this power and is reminded of Sol and Della.

[Episode 157] The Return of the Chef

While walking with Arthur, Meliodas smells delicious food coming from somewhere and heads toward it. He sees someone familiar.

[Episode 158] The Goal

Meliodas and Ban punch a hole through the wall with all their might to find their lovers.

[Episode 159] The Hosts' Identity

Everyone regroups after wandering the maze. Drole and Gloxinia of [The Ten Commandments] appear.

[Episode 160] The Great Fight Festival Begins

The Great Fight Festival is finally starting. Gloxinia and Drole divide the participants into tag teams.

[Episode 161] Talking About Lovers

Ban and Meliodas fight off against two Blue Demons. Who will win?

[Episode 162] Fated Opponents

Diane and King are matched up against Gloxinia and Drole's servants. How will they overcome this danger?

[Episode 163] Precious Friend

Diane wonders why King is protecting her with his life. She says she wants to hear about it when the fight is over.

[Episode 164] My Sun

Denzel tells the Holy Knights that Gowther is actually one of [The Ten Commandments] and begins a campaign for his capture. What is Gowther doing right now?

[Episode 165] Time of Atonement

Gowther was certain that Escanor would be forever lost to his nightmare, but Escanor overcomes it. The unpredictable battle between Gowther and Escanor begins!

[Episode 166] The Final Stage

Drole and Gloxinia are struck by Escanor's attack. In danger, Drole takes the other participants hostage.

[Episode 167] The Best Chance

Drole's hostages are trapped and can't do anything. Gilfrost uses "Teleportation" to escape with everyone.

[Episode 168] Old War Buddies

Meliodas is left by himself in the labyrinth to face off against Drole and Gloxinia of [The Ten Commandments]. Who will emerge victorious?

[Episode 169] Traitor to Demons

They were once allies but now stand as enemies. As the fight reaches its peak in intensity, something appears in the labyrinth.

[Episode 170] Meliodas vs. [The Ten Commandments]

[The Ten Commandments] have all gathered in the maze, except for Galland, who was defeated by Escanor. The only one to stand against them is Meliodas.

[Episode 171] Barrage! "Combo Star"!

Derieri launches a devastating attack on Meliodas. He is only able to barely endure it.

[Episode 172] Sinful Man

Controlled by Fraudrin, Dreyfus approaches Meliodas, saying he will have his revenge for what happened in Danafor.

[Episode 173] Old Resentment

Meliodas is greatly wounded. At the most critical moment, Meliodas uses his "Revenge Counter" to turn the tables.

[Episode 174] To My Friend

Meliodas doesn't have the strength to get back up. Melascula approaches and asks Estarossa to end Meliodas's life.

[Episode 175] My Beloved Brother

Ban uses "Zero Sign" and approaches [The Ten Commandments] to save Meliodas. Will he succeed?

[Episode 176] Goodbye, Meliodas

Unfazed by Ban's struggles to stop him, Estarossa destroys Meliodas's hearts one at a time. Death is near for Meliodas.

[Episode 177] Sunken Hope

Meliodas is dead. Elizabeth breaks down in front of her lover's dead body.

[Episode 178] The Fight Isn't Over

After Meliodas's death, everyone spreads out all over Britannia to stop the Demons.

[Episode 179] Camelot in Danger

To the south, Arthur is desperately fighting against the Demons in Camelot. Will he bring light back to Camelot?

[Episode 180] Even if You Should Die

King suggests heading to the Fairy King's Forest to escape [The Ten Commandments]. Elizabeth says there's something she must do, however.