Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Boss Battles are boss stages that are unlocked as you progress through each chapter in the main storyline.  The respective chapter must be cleared first before you can enter the boss battle.  Death Matches may be activated by chance upon clearing a given chapter’s Boss Battle.  If the Death Match does not appear, the rate of the Death Match incidence increases and the Death Match will occur once the rate reaches 100%.


The rewards for each of the Boss Battles are the same regardless of the location, with the exception of the rune sets and Ascension materials, which differ by each location.

Normal Hard Extreme
Stamina Cost 10 15 20
Gold Box Chance 10% 8% 6%
Silver Box Chance 50% 38% 26%
Bronze Box Chance 40% 54% 68%
Gold Rewards 3* Water of Life 4* Water of Life 5* Water of Life
3* Demon's Blood 4* Demon's Blood 5* Demon's Blood
Rune Rank R Rune Rank SR Rune Rank SSR
Silver Rewards 2* Water of Life 3* Water of Life 4* Water of Life
1* Water of Life 2* Water of Life 3* Water of Life
2* Demon's Blood 3* Demon's Blood 4* Demon's Blood
1* Demon's Blood 2* Demon's Blood 3* Demon's Blood
Rune Rank UC Rune Rank R Rune Rank SR
Bronze Rewards Awakening Materials Vary by Boss Awakening Materials Vary by Boss Awakening Materials Vary by Boss
Rune Rank C 1* Water of Life 2* Water of Life
1* Demon's Blood 2* Demon's Blood
Rune Rank UC Rune Rank R

Bosses & Minions

The bosses and minions that will be met in each location are shown in the below table, with progressively higher levels of opponents for the harder stages.  The table below also shows the available rune sets and Ascension materials by each location.

Boss Battle Melee of Phantasms Fortress of Outlaws Crystal Cave Crimson Earth Forest of the Mountain God Source of Corruption
Associated Chapter Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6
Village Location Vanya Dalmally Post Town Tala Vaizel Ordan Village Liones Castle
Rune Onslaught Iron Wall Life Concentration Mind's Eye Recovery
Awakening Materials Usable Armor Fragment Chess Piece Fragment Weathered Knighthood Insignia Wind Feather Spellcasting Ivory Charm Royal Gift
Wolf Fang Ancient Warrior Armor Fragment Non-stick Spider Silk Sharp Horn Hard Bone Fragment Emblem of the Knighthood of Liones
Seal of the [Beard of the Mountain Cat] Insect's Poison Stinger Cuspid Fragment Warrior's Emblem Murky Soul Crystal Magical Robe
Boss [Dreamy Illusion] Gilthunder [Hypnotic Illusion] Golgius [Summoned Illusion] Helbram [Fight Festival Illusion] Howzer [Mountain God's Doppelganger] Slater [Cursed Form] Hendrickson
Thunder Scream Strike Blade Slash Mutilate Whirl Shock Blade Wave Ingest
Lightning King's Heavy Armor Throwing Star Infuse Wind Shoot Overpower Flame Wave
Lightning King Decapitation Silent Strike Mutilate (ultimate) Triple Upper Vertical Saw Hell Blaze Wave
Monsters [Dreamy Illusion] Elizabeth & Hawk [Hypnotic Illusion] Freesia [Summoned Illusion] Guila [Fight Festival Illusion] Griamore [Mountain God's Doppelganger] Simon [Cursed Form] Dreyfus
Super Pork Loin Illusion Storm Rondo Shot Bombs Wall Crush Burning Wind Strike Imperial Sword Art Type 3
Super Hawk Illusion Corrosive Bug Killer Mines Wall Yellow Dragon Sky Blade Pierce
Final Pork Stomping Rain Capriccio Brilliant Detonation Panic Room Strike Preparation "Ring" Milky Way Jail Break Wave
[Dreamy Illusion] Twigo [Hypnotic Illusion] Ruin [Summoned Illusion] Jude [Fight Festival Illusion] Cain [Mountain God's Doppelganger] Jillian [Cursed Form] Gustav
Death Strike Death Blade Thorn Shot Chain Vertical Kick Cross Shot Blizzard Axel
Blood Strike Nightmare Illusion Shadow Thorn Charge Fire Cancellation Ice Strike
Extermination Strike Heavy Hammer Thorn Hunt Fire Tornado Bind Killer Iceberg
[Dreamy Illusion] Allioni [Hypnotic Illusion] Jerico [Summoned Illusion] Hugo [Fight Festival Illusion] Taizoo [Mountain God's Doppelganger] Weinheidt [Cursed Form] Vivian
Charge Forward Count Smash Wind Destroy Powerful Punch Flash Arrow Darkness Bolt
Brave Dash Pain Blade Tornado Shot Muscle Mania Death Arrow Freeze Coffin
Beard of the Mountain Cat, Assemble! Godspeed Ten Flashes Chaos Blast Full Power Dropkick Blackout Arrow Four Elements of Destruction