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Blue Lillia has a skill which decreases all enemies' Ultimate Move Gauges and another skill which heals all allies' HP, making her useful in various situations.

Hero Rating & Base Stats

PVP (Normal) 5 / 10
PVP (Elite) 5 / 10
PVE 8 / 10
Unique Ability 8 / 10
Red Demon 4 / 10
Gray Demon 2 / 10
Howlex 1 / 10
Bellmoth 1 / 10
Hraesvelgr 1 / 10

Blue lillia stat bar.png


Icon liliahmagician orb skill 03.png Rank 1 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts damage equal to 150% of Attack on all enemies.
Rank 2 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts damage equal to 150% of Attack on all enemies and depletes 1 Ultimate Move Gauge orb.
Rank 3 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts damage equal to 250% of Attack on all enemies and depletes 3 Ultimate Move Gauge orbs.

Icon liliahmagician orb skill 04.png Rank 1

Skillicon recovery.png

Heals HP of all allies equal to 200% of Attack.
Rank 2

Skillicon recovery.png

Heals HP of all allies equal to 240% of Attack and removes Debuffs.
Rank 3

Skillicon recovery.png

Heals HP of all allies equal to 400% of Attack and removes Debuffs.


Star Link

Icon liliahmagician orb special 01.png Inflicts damage equal to 350 / 385 / 420 / 455 / 490 / 525% of Attack on all enemies, decreases skill ranks, then depletes the Ultimate Move Gauge by the number of skill rank decreases.


Recital of Darkness
Icon exclusive skill 1455002.png Increases all allies' Pierce Rate by 50% of the hero's Pierce Rate at the start of the battle. (Applies when entering battle)

Hero Guide

[Mastermind] Mage Lillia or commonly known as Blue Lillia is a support hero who is versatile in both PVP and PVE content. She is known for her Unique ability to increase all allies' Pierce Rate by 50% of her own Pierce Rate. She is a great partner for heroes with Pierce attacks notably Blue Demon Meliodas, Red Howzer, and Green Hawk & Elizabeth.

Her skills provide so much utility in battle. She can deplete the enemies’ Ultimate Move Gauge orbs preventing the use of Ultimates, which is useful against teams rushing their ults. Second, she heals and removes debuffs for a convenient sustain, giving you room to tank up damage while filling up your ult gauge. Lastly, Her Ultimate decreases skill ranks capable of also depleting the enemies’ ult gauge.

In PVP, Blue Lillia works well for players running a Pierce team composition. She enhances the damage of Blue Demon Meliodas and heroes with high base Pierce Rate. This is especially true in Elite (Geared) PVP when you are equipped with Pierce Rate bonus stats on your Bracer and Ring.

Blue Lillia is also an ideal choice in PVE by running her with Red Howzer and Blue Demon Meliodas. Together they can efficiently farm the Free Stages, Dungeons, and Boss battles. She is one of the few heroes that you can use extensively in all types of battles. Blue Lillia can only be acquired in Step Up draws so be sure to summon for her when the event becomes available.


  • She amplifies the most amount of Pierce Rate, much more than Blue Weinheidt
  • Her utility brings so much value in battle (depleting Ultimate Move Gauge orbs, decreasing skill ranks, healing, and removing debuffs). This skill-set is usually found by combining the use of multiple heroes.
  • One of the few heroes who can deplete Ultimate Move Gauge in an AOE (other heroes are Red Escanor and Green Elaine)


  • Low base Defense and Crit Resistance, making her vulnerable against HP-type attackers
  • Needs Rank 2 skill cards to fully operate on her functionality
  • Not effective in any of the Death Matches (Red Demon, Gray Demon, Howlex)

Skill Review

“Pathetique” - AOE attack with a decent multiplier, capable of depleting Ultimate Move Gauge orbs starting at Rank 2. It is especially useful when enemies are rushing their ults (using Green Merlin and Ult Food). Having a Red Gowther on your team maximizes the potential of this skill.

“Eroica” - provides an AOE heal in proportion to her Attack value. At Rank 2, the skill can also remove debuffs to cleanse harmful effects such as petrify, freeze, stun, poison, ignite, etc. This skill is similar to that of Green Princess Elizabeth’s “Healing Grace”. For more healing value, use an Onslaught set or allocate attack% substats on your Bracer and Ring.

Ultimate: “Star Link” - Players rush this skill for its utility more than the damage. This is to mitigate the enemy’s skill damage and remove their ult gauge based on the amount of skill rank decreases.

Unique: “Recital of Darkness” - Gearing up your Bracer and Ring with Pierce Rate substats will exponentially increase this skill’s value. Most Blue Lillia users prefer full Pierce Rate substats to maximize the damage output of their damage dealers.


Equipment Set - Onslaught (Attack) or Life (HP) / Iron Wall (Defense).

Substats are as follows:
Bracer/Ring - full Pierce Rate or half Attack half Pierce Rate
Necklace/Earring - Defense
Belt/Rune - HP

PVP - Blue Lillia is a cornerstone hero for players building a Pierce team. She is commonly paired with Blue Demon Meliodas.

Free Stage - Used extensively in Free Stages to farm equipment as a support hero for Blue Demon Meliodas and Red Howzer. Together, they can clear the waves faster because of their AOE Pierce attacks. They can also deal significant damage for a rank 1 skill card, thanks to the bonus damage from Blue Lillia’s unique ability. Farming for equipment should always be set in stages with the highest difficulty (Hard difficulty drops SSR equipment). You can fill the sub-slot with a hero that gives benefit to your main team using their unique abilities. Some top examples are:

Red Jericho - boosts the Attack-related stats of Strength-type heroes (if most of the damage comes from Red Howzer)
Blue Jericho - boosts the Attack-related stats of Speed-type heroes including Blue Lillia
Green Deathpierce - increases the chance of landing a critical hit and lowers the enemies critical defense

SP Dungeon (Fort Solgres) - The same Free Stage team can be brought when farming in the SP Dungeon (Events Dungeon, Enhance, and Evolution Attribute Dungeons, and Gold Dungeon).

Boss Battle - Same Free Stage and Dungeon team can be used in all chapters of boss stages to acquire Awakening materials and triggering a Death Match. However, she isn’t used in any of the Death Matches (Red Demon, Gray Demon, Howlex).

Training Grotto - Blue Lillia is mainly used as a support hero against the Level 3 Red Amber Bishop of Love. She can also be used to counter Strength-type (Red) Illusion Ambers by forming a mono-blue team.

Holy Relic

Icon weapon liliahmagician 0551 c.pngBowl of Sigyn



Lilia is a mysterious young mage and a former apprentice of Merlin. She is an original character made for Hikari to Yami no Grand Cross mobile game. She is the founder and leader of the Seven Disasters.

Lilia was a former apprentice of Merlin, however, after enraging with her master, she left Merlin and started to learn magic by herself to, maybe one day, be able to surpass Merlin as a magician.