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Blue Hawk & Elizabeth has a skill which changes a hero's Debuffs into Buffs. Use this knowledge strategically to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Hero Rating & Base Stats

PVP (Normal) 5 / 10
PVP (Elite) 5 / 10
PVE 8 / 10
Unique Ability 6 / 10
Red Demon 7 / 10
Gray Demon 2 / 10
Howlex 1 / 10
Bellmoth 1 / 10
Hraesvelgr 4 / 10

Blue lizhawk stat bar.png


Fire Breath
Icon elizabeth hawk ssr type01 skill 06.png Rank 1 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts Amplify damage equal to 180% of Attack on one enemy.
Rank 2 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts Amplify damage equal to 270% of Attack on one enemy.
Rank 3 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts Amplify damage equal to 450% of Attack on one enemy.

Icon elizabeth hawk ssr type01 skill 07.png Rank 1

Skillicon buff.png

Applies 1 Solidify effect on one ally. If there are Debuffs, they are removed and 1 additional Solidify effect is applied.
Rank 2

Skillicon buff.png

Applies 1 Solidify effect on all allies. If there are Debuffs, they are removed and 1 additional Solidify effect is applied.
Rank 3

Skillicon buff.png

Applies 1 Solidify effect on all allies. If there are Debuffs, they are removed and 1 additional Solidify effect is applied for every Debuff removed.


Rush Hawk

Icon elizabeth hawk ssr type01 special 01.png Inflicts Charge damage equal to 700 / 770 / 840 / 910 / 980 / 1050% of Attack on one enemy.

Combined Attack

Drop Mama

Icon fate skill hawk meliodas.png Inflicts Charge damage equal to 800 / 880 / 960 / 1040 / 1120 / 1200% of Attack on one enemy.


Time for Scraps
Belihawk passive.png Increases allies' HP by 12% for every Debuff applied to the hero.

Hero Guide


[Reverse] Guardian Hawk & Elizabeth, also known as Blue Hawk & Elizabeth, Blue LizHawk, or Blue EliHawk is a Speed Attribute combination of both Hawk and Elizabeth.  Their standard form has them both wearing Red Demon apparel (horns and demon skin).  This is a reference to the anime when Hawk consumes a chunk of demon flesh and causes himself to resemble a Red Demon with red skin and horns.  In this form, he is able to manipulate darkness into wings, which allows him to fly (similar to most demons).  However, in this form, his speech also becomes an unintelligible string of “Pukya”s.


  • Can remove Debuffs from allies and convert them to increased Resistance
  • Necessary to use their combined attack with Meliodas to complete Mama’s Boy title
  • Ultimate skill (Drop Mama) does significant damage on Red Demon due to Charge effect


  • Limited utility outside of PvP and Red Demon Death Match
  • Requires using another hero to provide buffs in order to optimize their Amplify effect
  • Requires being Debuffed to take advantage of their Solidify effect and Unique ability

Skill Review

Blue EliHawk’s primary offensive skill, Fire Breath, inflicts Amplify damage equal to a percentage of Attack on one enemy.  Amplify damage is greatly increased by the number of buffs that Blue EliHawk has on itself.  

Their second skill is Digest, which applies a Solidify effect on one ally at rank 1, and on all allies at ranks 2 and 3.  Solidify adds an additional 30% Resistance for three turns, and can be continuously stacked.  At ranks 1 and 2 of this skill, if there are Debuffs they are removed and one additional Solidify effect is applied.  At rank 3, if there are Debuffs they are not only removed, but one additional Solidify effect is applied for every Debuff that is removed.  This can result in dramatic increases in Resistance for all allies, which can then also trigger Patience to be applied and minimize the amount of damage that all allies receive upon being attacked.

Blue EliHawk’s Ultimate Move, “Rush Hawk” inflicts Charge damage on a single enemy.  Charge damage ignores the enemy’s Defense and thus is able to inflict significant damage.

Their Unique ability, Time for Scraps, increases all allies’ HP by 12% per Debuff on the hero.  This requires Blue EliHawk to be Debuffed and is negated upon use of the Solidify effect.


Blue EliHawk is very useful for combating the Red Demon Death Match boss.  They can be used for all difficulty levels of the Red Demon and is one of the best heroes to use for the Hell difficulty Red Demon because she provides an invaluable sustain to your allies and also inflicts great amounts of damage.  Their Solidify effect will increase your allies’ Resistance and augment their Amplify skill damage.  Their Ultimate skill can inflict significant damage on the boss due to their Charge effect.  

Another great area to use Blue EliHawk is in ungeared and geared PvP.  To take advantage of their Amplify effect, you will need to pair them up with another hero such as Red Arthur who is able to apply other buffs.  Solidify can be viewed as an alternative to Purify, although despite the fact that it is unable to heal it is able to convert debuffs into buffs.  Utilizing Red Gowther with both Blue EliHawk and Red Arthur is ideal, in order to rank up their skills and utilize both of their status effect applying skills.  

Last but not least, Blue EliHawk can be used as a primary attacker for Final Boss Gowther whenever he is available.  This is because Blue EliHawk has a Speed Attribute, and they are able to convert the debuffs from Gowther into buffs.  Increasing their defense higher than the boss’s attack will activate Patience, which results in minimized damage being inflicted on Blue EliHawk.

Blue EliHawk has a combined attack when paired with [Halloween] Captain Meliodas, [Seven Deadly Sins] Captain Meliodas, or [Boar Hat] Tavern Master Meliodas.  This combined attack is referred to as “Drop Mama” and inflicts a larger percentage of Charge damage on one enemy.  Utilizing this combined attack is required in order to achieve the first and second portions of the Mama’s Boy Title challenge.  The first task requires using “Drop Mama” ten times in combat.  The second task requires using “Drop Mama” five times to defeat the final enemy in Boss Battles, so this requires a little more coordination to hold off on using the combined attack until you’re ready to defeat the level.

Association Name Association With Stat Increased
Solid Connection Red Halloween Meliodas Attack + Combined Attack
Solid Connection Green Meliodas Attack + Combined Attack
Business Partner Blue Meliodas Attack + Combined Attack
I Will Not Be Pork Red Gilthunder Crit Resistance %
Hawk and Lightning Green Gilthunder Crit Resistance %
Pork? Hawk! Blue Gilthunder Crit Resistance %
Person of Interest Red Griamore Defense
Someone to Avoid Green Griamore Defense
Dangerous Existence Blue Griamore Defense

Meliodas has an Association with EliHawk due to his relationship with both Hawk and Elizabeth.  Hawk is his business partner with the Boar Hat Tavern, and Elizabeth is his romantic interest throughout the anime.  Gilthunder has an Association with EliHawk due to Gilthunder’s semi-joking relationship with Hawk in that he frequently refers to him as “pork”, and he almost barbecued Hawk by striking him with lightning.  Gilthunder is also romantically involved with Princess Elizabeth’s older sister, Margaret.  Lastly, Griamore’s Association with EliHawk is because he is portrayed as a gourmand and does not ever waste his food.

Holy Relic

Icon weapon elizabeth hawk 0551 c.png Gullinbursti



Hawk is a talking pig and Meliodas's companion. He is introduced as the custodian of the Boar Hat bar who helps clean up the disgusting food scraps left by customers.

Elizabeth Liones is the third adoptive princess of the Kingdom of Liones. She is the deuteragonist of the series, and an alleged survivor from the Kingdom of Danafor and a former waitress at Boar Hat bar during her journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins, , eventually becoming a prominent asset and healer for them. She also is the 107th reincarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth, the Supreme Deity's daughter 3,000 years ago who also reincarnated in the Holy Knight Liz.