A life form that appeared from a Blue Amber. It subdues its opponents with great force.


Level 100
Combat Class (CC) 90,000
Attack 8,265
Defense 3,771
HP 157,415


Attack-related Stats Increase
Increases Attack-related stats by 3% when attacked. (Limit 10 times)

Effect Immunity
Immune to Stun / Petrify / Attack Disable

Skill Use Increase
Number of Skill Uses increased by 2.


Cross Spear
Inflicts damage equal to 240/360/600% of attack on one enemy.

Spear Storm
Removes Stances from one enemy. Inflicts damage equal to 200/200/300% of Attack, then disables Stance Skills for 0/1/2 turn(s).


Inflicts Weak Point damage equal to 350% of Attack on one enemy.

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