Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Each hero has different meals that can be given to them to increase their Affinity.


Affinity Rewards

Affinity Level Reward
1 Hero Artwork
2 Hero CV (voice line)
3 Diamond
4 Hero Motion
5 Costume Item (Outfit or Weapon)

In addition to the above rewards, maxing out a Hero's Affinity reward also unlocks an additional Affection heart that can be filled in.

Food for Affinity

Hero Food for Affinity
Allioni Chicken Matango Tamagoyaki
Arden Fried Chicken
Arthur Chicken Wings Grilled with Sugar

Caviar Milk Canape

Ban Bread and Cheese with Vegetables

Seafood Stew

Cain Sand Crawler Grilled with Butter
Deathpierce Milk and Strawberry Combo

Egg Salad

Deldry Honey Salad
Diane Sweet Meatpie

Honey-roasted Chicken Matango

Dreyfus Milk Meatpie

Dragon Skewer with Butter

Elaine Herb Ciabatta

Egg and Chips

Elizabeth Egg Pudding

Veggie Salad

Escanor Caviar Milk Canape

Raisin with Sugar

Freesia Sweet Apple Pie

Dragon Skewer with Salt

Galland Bread with Pepper

Caviar Honey Canape

Gilthunder Bread and Cheese with Sugar

Chicken and Egg Risotto

Golgius Dragon Skewer with Pepper
Gowther Butter and Strawberry Combo

Milk and Strawberry Combo Rasin with Pepper

Griamore Sand Crawler Grilled with Salt

Honey Apple Pie

Guila Glazed Chicken

Chicken Rice Ball with Butter

Gustav Caviar Sugar Canape
Helbram Chicken Matango Grilled with Butter

Milk and Strawberry Combo Egg Salad

Hendrickson Seafood Hot Pot
Howzer Grilled Beef with Salt

Egg Sandwich

Hugo Chicken Wings Grilled with Pepper
Jericho Grilled Beef with Pepper

Herbs and Strawberry Combo

Jillian Seafood Pasta
Jude Bread and Cheese with Pepper
King Veggie Apple Pie

Honey Salad

Lilia Herb Ciabatta

Egg and Chips

Marmas Chicken Steak
Melascula Caviar Sugar Canape
Meliodas Grilled Beef with Herbs

Honey Pudding

Merlin Sand Crawler Grilled with Herbs

Raisin with Sugar

Ruin Raisin with Salt
Simon Fish and Chips
Slater Veggie Meatpie

Steak and Chips

Taizoo Fried Chicken
Twigo Milk Pudding
Valenti Bread and Cheese with Vegetables

Egg Sandwich

Vivian Bread with Pepper

Caviar Honey Canape

Weinheidt Chicken Veggie Fried Rice