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You can increase your Account Combat Class in 5 different ways. Follow these steps to efficiently increase your CC:

  • Enhance all your heroes to at least UR level 60, or UR level 80 if you have enough materials. Hero level is the primary source of CC which increases your basic stats (Attack, Defense, HP).
  • Equip HP and Defense sets on heroes who are not included in the main team. Use R-Grade gear on your Belt and Rune because they are easier to farm and are cheaper to enhance. Belt and Runes should be at least 3✰ and 7% in HP substats for the boost to be significant. You can skip enhancing Bracelet, Ring, Necklace, and Earrings.
  • Awaken all your heroes to 6✰ by farming the materials needed (for beginners take advantage of the half stamina events as your stamina would be low when you get to mid-game level. You will need stamina potions mid-game as your rate of ranking up will decrease as you rank up as a result of the increasing requirement of xp to rank up the higher rank you go. As for when you get to late-game/end-game, when you have maxed out the ultimate move for all your R characters you can then start using the extra silver character coins to buy the stamina potions as that gives the best value in the silver coin shop overall for gameplay and you will end up getting a lot of silver coins one your at that level and you do draws a lot)
  • Ultimate Moves give an additional 400 CC per level increase. Max out the Ultimate levels of your SR and R heroes first because they easily come by.
  • Collect farmable Costumes that can be acquired through Affinity, Evolution, and Events.

What is Combat Class?

Combat Class determines the overall strength of your hero. It is computed based on your stats from basic hero level, awakening, ultimate move level, equipment, and costume. The table below shows the amount of CC you get per stat value.

Combat Class Table

Stat CC / stat value
Attack 1
Defense 0.8
HP 0.2
Pierce Rate (%) 5
Resistance (%) 4
Regeneration Rate (%) 5
Crit Chance (%) 5
Crit Damage (%) 2.5
Crit Resistance (%) 4
Crit Defense (%) 4
Recovery Rate (%) 2.5
Lifesteal (%) 5

Advantages of Having a High Combat Class

  • The team with a higher Combat Class goes first in battle, giving you the initial edge to attack or set-up cards before your opponent. This condition applies to all battles.
CC Guide 1.jpg
  • Your Account Combat Class (Hero Box CC) provides a bonus buff that increases HP to all heroes. Improving your account CC also strengthens your team; and this buff applies in all battles, including PVP. These buffs do not stack; they increase with your account CC's increase.

Account Combat Class Buff List

CC HP increase
500,000 1.5%
750,000 2%
1,000,000 3%
1,250,000 3.5%
1,500,000 4.5%
1,750,000 5%
2,000,000 6%
2,500,000 7.5%
3,000,000 9%
3,500,000 10.5%
4,000,000 12%
6,000,000 12.5%
8,000,000 13%
10,000,000 14%
12,000,000 15%

Top Contributors of Combat Class

Basic CC Contribution Chart

Basic CC Contribution Chart.png

The chart is scaled on hero approximates and its basic upgrade levels:

  • Hero Level -  up to UR level 60
  • Equipment - basic HP/DEF set, R-Grade gear
  • Ultimate Move - up to Level 6
  • Awakening - up to 6✰
  • Costume - only includes farmable costumes (Affinity, Evolution, Events)

Hero Level

Hero level is the primary source of CC which increases your basic stats (Attack, Defense, HP). Heroes can naturally gain experience in battles, but using Enhance Potions is more common and a better alternative to level up your heroes faster.

Where to farm Enhance Potions?

You can accumulate a good amount of free Enhance Potions from Constant Patrol rewards; but if you need them instantly, you can farm these potions in [Fort Solgres] Enhance Dungeons. There are 3 different affinity variations of Enhance Dungeons, so choose the one that gives your farming team the affinity advantage. Completing multiple entries of the Enhance Dungeons also rewards 5✰ Hero Enhance Potions, as indicated by a progress bar at the top of each Dungeon’s page.

Farming the Enhance Dungeons during the Fort Solgres half stamina event is an efficient way to utilize your resources.


The Equipment provides a significant boost in your heroes’ Combat Class. Given that your main heroes have the best gear on, wearing basic HP/Defense sets for the rest of your heroes will yield a massive boost on your account CC.

The most cost-effective way for a gear to increase CC is to enhance R-Grade Belt and Runes and reroll for HP substats using gold (do not use Anvils). Awaken and set a standard of getting at least 7% HP substats for each gear. This can be achieved by a 3✰ R-Grade gear, spending less than a 1.5M gold on both gears.

Finally, complete the HP and Defense sets with any grade of Life/Iron Wall equipment. Upgrading the Bracelet, Ring, Necklace, Earrings are optional. The equipment set preview should look like this:

CC Guide 2.jpg

Where to farm R gears and how to upgrade them?

You can easily acquire R-Grade gear in Equipment Draw and Free Stages (Hard). Runes can also be acquired in Boss Battles.

Farming Locations:

Life (HP) - Chapter 3: Post Town Tala

Iron Wall (Defense) - Chapter 2: Dalmally

Hero Awakening

Hero Awakening highly contributes to your account CC. Awakening all your heroes to 6✰ will tremendously increase your heroes’ stats.

Awakening Level Stats
1st Awakening HP / Crit Resistance / Recovery Rate
2nd Awakening Attack / Defense / Crit Damage
3rd Awakening HP / Regeneration Rate / Crit Defense
4th Awakening Attack / Defense / Crit Chance
5th Awakening HP / Resistance / Lifesteal
6th Awakening Attack / Defense / Pierce Rate

*some collaboration heroes have an additional Recovery Rate increase for each awakening

Where to farm Awakening Materials?

The best place to farm awakening materials is in Boss Battles during the half stamina event. The basic awakening materials are looted in Bronze boxes (Wind Feather, Sharp Horn, etc.), and essential awakening materials from Silver and Gold Boxes (Water of Life and Demon’s Blood).

Alternatively, you can also farm awakening materials in Free Stages. However, Water of Life and Demon’s blood do not drop there.

Ultimate Move

Enhancing your heroes’ Ultimate Move not only improves their effects; it also gives an additional 400 CC per level increase which totals to 2000 CC per hero.

CC Guide 3.jpg

Where to farm Hero Coins?

Hero Summons and Coin Shop. R and SR heroes easily come by, which means you’ll acquire a lot of their duplicate coins. Take the chance to max out their Ultimate Move levels first.


Each hero has a variety of costumes that can be unlocked, which give additive boosts to the hero. There are three categories of costumes:

Costume Category Stats
Outfit Defense-related stats Defense


Crit Resistance

Crit Defense

Weapon Attack-related stats Attack

Pierce Rate

Crit Chance

Crit Damage

Cosmetic HP-related stats HP

Recovery Rate

Regeneration Rate


How to Unlock Costumes?

Farmable costumes can be acquired in various ways:

  1. Hero affinity - Reach affinity level 5 by gifting food to the hero. You can farm ingredients by farming the [Cooking] Free Stages in Easy difficulty. The best time to farm is during the half stamina event.
  2. Evolution - Evolving your Hero to a new Grade gives a free Outfit.
  3. Events - Participating in events and Final Boss battles usually give costume sets as a reward.

If you have the extra resources, you can purchase more costumes in the Vaizel Fight Festival Shop and Treasure Shop.