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The King of Fighters ‘98 crew has set foot on Britannia! Complete special quests and grab awesome prizes in this 2-week long event. In this guide, we’ll break down and walk you through all the events to easily complete it!

Event Period: October 26 - November 10, 2020

Event Item Drop Locations

Athena's Key.png Athena’s Key - used to obtain gifts from Heartthrob Athena’s Gift event.

  • Get from Main / Event / Free stages and Fort Solgres (20 max per day). Highly recommended.
  • Get from Event Achievement completion rewards under Quest> Challenge Task>Events (total of 135 keys). Highly recommended.
  • Get from Coin Shop exchange (3x Athena’s Key for 1 Silver Coin). Not recommended.

Fighter Coin.png Fighter Coin - coin required to enter KOF: Britannia event.

  • Get from Boss Battle / Death Match / Final Boss / Training Grotto (30 max per day). Highly recommended.
  • Get from Coin Shop exchange (5x Fighter Coin for 1 Silver Coin). Not recommended.

Token of the Fighter King.png Token of the Fighter King - used to exchange for items in the Event Exchange Shop.

  • Get from winning tournament battles in the KOF: Britannia event. You must first clear <The Importance of a Good Matchup> of World Quest to unlock KOF: Britannia.

Acquire A Total of 50 Collab Pick Up Tickets

Use collab Pick Up tickets to draw for limited KOF’98 Heroes!

Rkyo.png Grugal.png Bmai.png Gathena.png

Check-In Event - get a total of 20 tickets for logging in every day

  • Simply log in from days 1 to 10

Special Missions - finish all 5 missions to claim 10 tickets as a final reward

  • Mission 1: Check-in 3 times during the event period
  • Completely clear the 7DS x KOF ‘98 World Quest during the event period
  • Clear KOF Britannia in Normal Difficulty during the event period
  • Open a Heartthrob Athena’s Gift Card 10 times during the event period
  • Reach Collaboration Hawk Pass Level 5 during the event period

Event Achievements - complete these event achievements to acquire 5 tickets

  • Clear the KOF ‘98 Collab Story
  • Acquire Kyo Kusanagi
  • Acquire Athena Asamiya
  • Acquire Mai Shiranui
  • Acquire Omega Rugal

7DS X KOF '98 Collab Countdown Event - acquire 5 tickets upon checking in on 10/25

Event Exchange Shop - winning tournament battles will give Tokens of the Fighter King that can be used to exchange for a maximum of 10 tickets.

  • 1 ticket can be exchanged for 30 Tokens of the Fighter King

Heartthrob Athena’s Gift!

Tons of gifts are waiting for you! Flip the cards for your reward!

Use 1 of Athena's Keys to select 1 card and receive a reward.

Heartthrob Athena's Gift.png

There are a total of 10 stages and each stage has 20 cards. You can move on to the next stage if you acquire the special reward you chose at the beginning.

You will be able to select 1 of 2 special rewards at the beginning of each stage, so choose carefully!

Note: You will have enough Athena’s Keys to flip all cards just by collecting 20 keys per day from clearing Free stages and Fort Solgres.

Athena's Key Drop Event.png

These are the list of available rewards:

Athena's Gift.jpg Athena's Gift 2.jpg

World Quest

Experience a new KOF '98 story in Britannia and earn lots of rewards along the way!

Players can enter this event after reaching Rank 8.

KOF World Quest 1.png

Note: The world quest can easily be finished in auto-battle for players who have already cleared Chapter 7 or higher. For newer players, check out the Quick-Start Guide and Growing Tips to quickly boost your Combat Class and finish the World Quest during the event time frame.

You don’t want to miss out on these rewards for completing the World Quest:

KOF World Quest rewards.jpg

KOF: Britannia

KOF Britannia.jpg

Determine the best fighters in Britannia! This event follows a tournament format where you select 1 team out of multiple to begin the tournament’s Round of 16 in an arcade-style battle.

KOF Tournament Screen.png KOF Tournament Bracket.png

Use Fighter Coins to start the battle. Since all three heroes on the team must be set to participate, Fighter Coins can also be used to hire supporting heroes if you do not have one (only in Normal and Hard Difficulties).

Fighter Coin Drop Event.png

Note: You can get a lot of Fighter Coins from Boss Battles and Death Matches. Get more rewards by winning the tournament with various pre-selected teams on all difficulties. Challengers will abruptly appear as you progress through the tournament. Defeat them to get rewarded with Awakening Stones and Tokens of the Fighter King.

Difficulty Recommended CC Condition Note
Normal 40,000 Equipment Stats Not Applied Suitable for players who are playing The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross for the first time.
Hard 67,000 Equipment Stats Not Applied Suitable for players who have cleared Chapter 7 or higher.
Extreme 120,000 Equipment Stats Applied Suitable for players who have cleared Chapter 12 or higher.
KOF All-Clear Rewards.jpg

Losing in battle means GAME OVER, and you must start from the beginning. Fighter coins can be used in Normal and Hard difficulties to continue the battle. You can also use the restart button to start from the beginning in case the difficulty is too high or if you’d like to use a different team.

Event Exchange Shop

Use the tokens acquired from KOF: Britannia tournament to exchange for Special, Growth, and Costume items!

KOF Event Exchange Shop.jpg

Ultimate Final Boss Omega Rugal

KOF Final Boss Rugal.jpg

The Ultimate Final Boss Rugal Event is one of the 4 playable contents for the 7DS x KOF’98 collaboration event. It can be unlocked after clearing [Revival of Evil] World Quest. This event is played like any other Final Boss fights and we will highlight some of the best heroes and team composition against the Ultimate Boss from KOF’98.

Participants can gain Final Boss Omega Rugal Points as a reward that can be exchanged for growth support items and limited-time KOF’98 hero costumes in the Final Boss Exchange Shop. A huge amount of stamina is needed to enter the Final Boss battle that may require you to spend some of your Stamina Recovery Potions.

The event runs in a span of 2 weeks from 10/26 - until 11/9.

Note: Placing in the top 30% will give you a Combat Gloves costume for Omega Rugal, so do your best to shoot for a high score!


  • Use heroes with Ignite skill as the damage is increased by 15% for each Ignite effect on Omega Rugal.
  • Do not use heroes that rely on Buff skills as the boss can change the situation to his favor. Omega Rugal reduces damage taken by 50% for each buff. Moreover, he removes buff effects when attacking an enemy and inflicts 30% more damage per buff removed.
  • Use HP food and equip Life set on your Support Heroes. Only damage dealers should be equipped with an Onslaught set. The reason is that you’ll end up with more points in proportion to the Combat Class and the remaining HP of your team.
  • The strategy in Phase 1 is to prolong the battle until all your heroes’ ultimate move gauges are full. Just use skills or move cards as you stack ignite effects and continuously dissolve Omega Rugal’s ult gauge. Chip-in some damage and lower the boss’ HP but do not totally deplete his HP bar until the conditions are met.
Turn 3
  • When your heroes’ ultimate move gauge is full (ideally at turn 4 or 5), you can now use skills (excluding ultimate) to kill the boss and enter Phase 2.
Turn 5
  • Now with all your ultimates ready, Phase 2 should be finished in about 1 or 2 turns. Keep in mind that Omega Rugal recovers his HP back to full if he survives with 10% HP or less, so make sure that the last hit should be a significant blow, or else you’ll most likely lose the battle. You’d also not want to prolong Phase 2 because starting from turn 3, the boss will heal 30% of diminished HP every turn.
Turn 6
Turn 7

Recommended Heroes

Main Team

Rkyo.png Kyo (Red) - The best hero for this Final Boss battle. Passively applies 2 Ignite effects at the beginning of each turn and inflicts increased damage per Ignite effect or debuff on the target. As a KOF’98 hero, he additionally has his damage increased by 50% and decreases damage taken from Omega Rugal by 50%.

Gescanor.png Escanor (Green) - One of the best attackers. Has an Ignite skill effect and strong burst damage from his Ultimate.

Rescanor.png Escanor (Red) - One of the best attackers. Able to deplete the enemy Ultimate Move Gauge using skills with Dissolve effect and has strong burst damage from his Ultimate.

Rgowther.png Gowther (Red) - Increases your team’s output by increasing their skill ranks. Also depletes the enemy Ultimate Move Gauge from his own Ultimate.

Ghgowther.png Gowther, Halloween (Green) - Increases your team’s output by increasing their skill ranks. Also depletes the enemy Ultimate Move Gauge.

Rguila.png Guila (Red) - Viable alternative who has Ignite skills and hero affinity advantage.

Rdmeliodas.png Meliodas, Demon (Red) - One of the best attackers as he can apply multiple Ignite effects and strong burst damage from his Ultimate.

Rzeldris.png Zeldris (Red) - One of the best attackers. Able to deplete the enemy Ultimate Move Gauge using skills with Dissolve effect and has strong burst damage from his Ultimate.

Gmonspeet.png Monspeet (Green) - His unique ability allows him to inflict more damage when attacking enemies with Ignite debuff. He can also apply Ignite effects and deplete the enemy Ultimate Move Gauge.

Rban.png Ban (Red) - Beginner-friendly hero. Has a skill which depletes an enemy's ultimate move gauge, interrupting its use.

Bguila.png Guila (Blue) - Beginner-friendly hero. Has Ignite skills and heal to provide both offense and defense.

Rvivian.png Vivian (Red) - Beginner-friendly hero. Has Ignite skills and strong burst damage from her Ultimate.


Rtwigo.png Twigo (Red) - Increases Strength attribute allies' HP by 30%.

Relizabeth.png Elizabeth (Red) - Allies are healed for 10% of max HP at the start of the next turn when taking damage.

Team Recommendations

Team 1 Rgowther.png Rkyo.png Rescanor.png Rtwigo.png
Team 2 Rkyo.png Rdmeliodas.png Rzeldris.png Rtwigo.png
Team 3 Gmonspeet.png Rdmeliodas.png Rgowther.png Relizabeth.png
Team 4 Rguila.png Rescanor.png Rgowther.png Rtwigo.png

Beginner-Friendly Teams

Team 1 Rban.png Rvivian.png Rgowther.png Rtwigo.png
Team 2 Rban.png Rvivian.png Bguila.png Relizabeth.png

Omega Rugal Final Boss Info

Normal Hard Extreme
Level 100 130 160
CC 100,000 140,000 180,000
Attack 6,731






Defense 8,425






HP 232,000






Phase 1: Omega Rugal uses a Buff skill that increases damage dealt and deals great damage to Buffed enemies.

Phase 2: Omega Rugal recovers HP every set number of turns, uses a stance that reflects damage, and deals great damage to Buffed enemies.

Skills & Unique Abilities

  • Immune to Stun / Petrify / Freeze / Skill Disable
  • Reduces damage taken by 50% for each Buff on the enemy when attacked.
  • Removes the hero’s Debuffs, fully heals their HP and increases all stats by 30% when the hero survives with 10% HP or less. (Limit once)
  • Increase damage taken by 15% for each Ignite effect on the boss.
  • KOF’98 heroes have their damage increased by 50% and incoming damage decrease by 50%.
  • Skill Effects: Increased damage on Buffed heroes and Removes buffs, Decrease Attack-related stats, Charge, Increases Pierce Rate/Crit Chance/Pierce Damage, Pierce, Reflect, and Heal.

Final Boss Exchange Shop

KOF Final Boss Exchange Shop.jpg

Placement Rewards

Your placement will be based on your best score. Rewards will be given based on said placement.

KOF Final Boss Placement Rewards.jpg

*Rewards are cumulative, meaning you can potentially earn everything!

Ex) Place in the Top 50% and you will also receive the rewards from the Top 70% and Top 100% tiers as well!

Cumulative Points Rewards

Get rewards based on your total accumulated score from all of the battles you run.

KOF Final Boss Cumulative Points Rewards.jpg

Vaizel Fight Festival Event

Get rewards based on the number of wins in the Vaizel Fight Festival!

Season Rule: [All Together Now] All heroes set to the team will participate from the start of the battle.

  • Week 1: October 26 - November 2
  • Week 2: November 3 - November 9
KOF PVP Victory Rewards.jpg
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